Justin Bieber Instagrams A Photo Of His Booty Crack


Pop star Justin Bieber thrilled his fans on Instagram yesterday when he briefly shared with them a photo of his bare bum. Apparently, The Biebs was joking around with his manager Scooter Braun and decided that it would be a hoot for him to post a photo of his ass crack. The photo only stayed on Bieber’s official Instagram account for a short while but it was up long enough for fans to save the photo and repost it all over the Internets. As is my journalistic duty, I present to you the photo in question … which you can see in full below. It’s not an entirely full moon shot but if you’re into Bieber Booty Crack, the photo below is just for you.

Justin Bieber is full of surprises. On the heels of his recent breakup with Selena Gomez and a headline-making marijuana controversy, the 18-year-old singer showed off his bare butt in an Instagram picture Saturday, Jan. 19. Wear a black tank top, a baseball hat and aviator sunglasses, the “Beauty and the Beat” singer peers over his shoulder in the image. Bieber deleted the image shortly after it was posted to his official account, though it had already been liked more than 15,000 times and received more than 2,700 comments. Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, joked about the picture via Twitter. “As a prankster you have to respect another good prank,” he wrote. “Only makes sense. #crackdealer.” Bieber’s succinct reply: “Haha.”

Well now … there you have it. I’m not even going to go into the uncomfortableness generated by this photo so I’ll just leave the judgement up to all y’all. I’m not sure if this photo is a sign that Justin Bieber plans to be more cheeky on Instagram (pardon the pun) but I’m kinda afraid of what he might share next. Eek!

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  • Shannon


    I’m of the opinion that crack kills. Didn’t like it when Lil’ Kim started doing it. Don’t like it now. LMAO… no, really. This is the worst.

    • @Shannon — I’m afraid we’ll see an awkward tattoo in the region sometime soon … yikes!

    • Shannon

      LMAO! That’s the woooorst.

  • al

    looks as if Justin Bieber maybe going the way of Britney Spears, pink wig in 5…4…3…

  • fmx

    I don’t hate it.

  • Reem

    I saw someone tweet a pic of his “bulge” that he apparently instagrammed and deleted.. So yeah..

  • kendra

    I feel dirty..And not the fun/sexytime kind..

  • justine

    this is a surprise

  • Kelly

    Only a moron would pull his underwear down to expose his butt crack and think it sexy. A clean, fresh, out-of-the-shower butt crack maybe, but not a “oh, here, smell this” butt crack. Just plain nasty. Get a washcloth, asswipe.

  • coline

    horribleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee trop laide tes fesses

    • justine

      il a quand meme des belllle fesse avouer

  • Maria

    I know that Justin Bieber is humorous but there he dépacer limits

    • Maria

      I know that Justin Bieber has humor but there he dépacer limits

  • haider

    wants to lick this butt with the tip of my tounge