‘Is She Growling At Me?’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


We had some great pop culture stories this week, y’all. Friggen Jenelle Evans. The friggen Golden Globes. And friggen Megan Fox and her surprising relationship with… the Holy Ghost. I love it! As usual, I had great fun reading everyone’s thoughts on everything, but this week was especially impressive, since we had some heavy-hitting stories to discuss. Click inside for just a few of my fave comments from the coolest, smartest, hilarious-est readers in the universe!

PITNBR Samantha commented on a story from last week. When we met Vanessa Williams’s daughter (who goes by the name of Lion Babe) a lot of us were pleasantly surprised, and Samantha had me cracking up with this one:

Is she growling at me? I’m done *closes computer and walks away* but seriously, I love this song!

PITNBR JCZ joined a lot of you who shared your thoughts on the relationship between feminism, abortion, politics… and Justin Bieber’s mom. LOL. I’ve barely started replying to the comments, but I’ve read them all and I was SO EFFING impressed with how respectful everybody was, even as y’all disagreed with each other:

I reply to you Victoria, yet also to Aimee.
Firstly, I disagree 11111100000% with you. And agree 234038043080% with Aimee – life isn’t Black & White and we CAN talk about these issues and have beliefs that are more than just a yes or no answer.

Pro-choice here all the way. You wanna sleep around and get knocked up cause you don’t like the feel of condoms? Go ahead! You wanna abort cause you’re not ready, whether you’re married, single or with a partner? Sure, it’s your choice. Too young? Probably for the best. Too old? Ok, health issues etc. What, your test results say your kid might be disabled? Harsh, but it’s legal.

BUT… you will be judged. Some of what I listed I won’t, yet some I will. I think it is fine to judge in these scenarios. Judgement is acceptable where it is used to educate, or point out something that is ethically or morally wrong. (I think that makes sense? I know what I’m trying to say.. basically judging someones outfit, or beauty etc. is NOT in other words – take note Kelly vs Gaga)

(Read JCZ’s full comment HERE)

PITNBR Karen also weighed in, and brought up a few really strong points that I know I needed to hear:

And there are lots of things pro-life feminists can do to reduce other women’s abortions without trampling on other women’s rights and bodily integrity.

They can advocate for comprehensive sex education and universal access to contraception.

They can come up with, fund, and/or advocate for education programs that help little girls develop into older girls who find their self-worth and status in things other than their relationship to boys. And programs that help little boys develop into older boys who find their self-worth and status in things other than expressions of hyper-masculinity and devaluing girls and femininity.

They can advocate for and fund programs that help women financially and otherwise if they decide to have children they cannot afford and/or do not have time or energy or the ability to care for — but who do not want to give their children up for adoption. And advocate for and support such programs that continue to help these women for *years* — not just at the beginning.

Read Karen’s full comment HERE. She had more suggestions, and they were all amazing.

PITNBR Kiki brought some much-needed, light-hearted comedy when we were all losing our minds over Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’s second pregnancy:

But for real – is that bathroom door not even on it’s hinges? It’s just propped up against the doorway?

PITNBR Jen also weighed in on the news, doling out some strong advice to the folks over at MTV:

Dear mtv: please just go back to playing music videos.
Thank you,

PITNBR James shared an old Beyoncé quote, in an attempt to make a really good point about her new documentary

“I have an authentic, God-given talent, drive, and longevity that will always separate me from everyone else. I’ve been fortunate to accomplish things that the younger generation of queens dream of accomplishing. I have no desire for anyone else’s throne.”
Yeah, I think she can maybe be a LITTLE bit narcissistic. A little, or like, a lot. I don’t get Beyonce, and I kind of think that nobody does except for Beyonce herself. Beyonce and her throne.

PITNBR Devonte also joined me in hating on/loving the hell outta Queen Bey:

I feel you and I are totally on the same page with Beyonce…We want to hate her so much because she’s just ridiculous and doesn’t know it. But’s she’s an amazing entertainer so she kinda gets a pass…but still…she acts like she’s an Icon when you shouldn’t act like you are one, just let it happen naturally…

PITNBR Krissy upped the ante on the Beyoncé convo when she shared this comment. I haven’t finished reading the article she linked us to, but so far it’s a very interesting read:

Here is the article if anyone cares to read it! Tee hee.


“I think that from very early ages we [in America] see struggle as an indicator that you’re just not very smart,” Stigler says. “It’s a sign of low ability — people who are smart don’t struggle, they just naturally get it, that’s our folk theory. Whereas in Asian cultures they tend to see struggle more as an opportunity.”

In Eastern cultures, Stigler says, it’s just assumed that struggle is a predictable part of the learning process. Everyone is expected to struggle in the process of learning, and so struggling becomes a chance to show that you, the student, have what it takes emotionally to resolve the problem by persisting through that struggle.”

PITNBR Jill share a really important comment when Trent mentioned the Manti Te’o story in Les News:

In regards to the Manti Te’o catfish/internet hoax story, try looking at it a bit differently. It is more than just the story of a guy that was either naive enough to fall in love with a girl he’d only met online, or crazy enough to create this story in an attempt to gain publicity and even the Heisman Trophy. It’s the issue that a prized male ND athlete was considered a victim just hours after the story broke, but the sexual assault allegations made by female victims and the multiple deaths the university faced were given little to no respect. Lizzy Seeberg, a close friend of mine, was the actual victim of sexual assault. She accused a football player of committing the act and it took 15 days, 5 days after she took her own life, for him to be interviewed. Where is her respect, attention and private investigator to sort out the details? These are all things Te’o received, but neither Lizzy, nor Declan Sullivan or the other ND victims received anything close to that. That, in my opinion, is what makes this story important, not that someone may have been dumb enough to fall in love with someone who never existed.

PITNBR Matthew offered this brilliant review/recap of the first episode of American Idol:

I think Nicki definitely took charge. She was the most entertaining, had the most to say, got the most screen time– as several media outlets put it, it was pretty much the Nicki Minaj show, with some input here and there from Mariah, Keith and Randy.

So clearly this is a victory for Nicki Minaj, right? You would think so. But after going through Facebook and the AI forums, public opinion seems to be that they don’t want the Nicki Minaj show. Most people feel like she hogged the camera and cut off a couple of the judges (especially Carey)…

I’ll keep watching though, if only to see the diva blow-out in HD. I’ll be torn. I’m definitely a lamb for life, but Nicki is owning this. Whether that is still a good thing 9 episodes in, remains to be seen.

Matthew went on to share some of his fave moments from the show:

Mariah: “If she just called me something that starts with a b and ends with a itch, then i rebuke that.”

Nicki: “You have a better vocal range than Mariah.”

Keith (under the table): “It’s not safe out here.”

Randy (in response to a contestant explaining his dream): “Yeah, well I wanted to be a NASCAR driver but that didn’t work out.”

Mariah: “Have you ever considered becoming a DJ? No, but I’m really serious about the DJ thing.”

PITNBR Colleen joined in on the illest jam session ever! Our first Throwback Thursday post celebrated the amazingness that was and is Destiny’s Child, and Colleen thinks we need to bring some of their lingo back. Agreed:

Not enough men are “trifling” these days. That’s all I have to say. Oh and DC are totally the hottest girls group ever.

Thanks to every single last one of you for sharing all your awesomeness with all of us! See you here next week!

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    See, this is why I love this post you do! I would have missed Jill’s comment on the Te’o/Notre Dame comment. Thank you again for doing these posts, Shannon! Because I loved reading that comment and all of the other ones on here. We are such a great bunch!

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    I am spoiled by the awesomeness on this site. This is a great Sunday read! Keep it going, Shannon!