First Listen: Florence Welch Lends Vocals To A$AP Rocky’s ‘I Come Apart’


Since A$AP Rocky’s debut album dropped this week, I’ve been bumping a lot of Long.Live.A$AP. And the best part of the Deluxe edition of the album is, well, Florence Welch. Sweet Nothing was one of my favorite songs of 2012 and I was sooo crazy excited to see that the Harlem rapper (who I should probably stop crushing on at some point this year because things may get awkward…) managed to get her on the album. The song has a very mellow vibe to it (especially compared to a lot of his other tracks) and I love that Florence brings out a slighter softer side of A$AP. I loved, loved, loved his video for Long Live A$AP, and I really hope he releases one for this track as well. Peep the audio above! And check out the lyrics to I Come Apart over at DirectLyrics.