Beyoncé’s Wedding Dress Goes On Sale


Okay, okay. So it’s not, like, the actual dress that she wore when she became Mrs. Carter. But it’s a wedding dress. And the hottest woman of the century wore it. So there! Beyoncé’s wedding dress is technically on sale, lol! But really, it’s the dress that she wore in the video for Best Thing I Never Had. And you can totally buy it for less than half of the original price! But yeah, no. It still costs a crapload of money. Click inside for more!

Now YOU Can Get Married In A Dress Worn By Beyoncé. Totally Not Weird:


Complex has the story:

The wedding dress Beyonce wears in the video for “Best Thing I Never Had” is up for sale at The $85,000 one-of-a-kind Baracci dress was in a Beverly Hills boutique when Beyonce supposedly saw it and asked to use it in her video.

The intricate dress features gold embroidery and hand-sewn Swarovski crystals with a duchess ball gown silhouette. It’s a steal at 64% off the original price: $30,000.

Beyonce never released or sold photos of her 2008 wedding to Jay-Z (props), but we finally saw a glimpse of it in the 2011 video for “I Was Here,” which featured clips from her private life. Her actual dress was much simpler and reportedly designed by her mom, Tina.

Okay, who’s copping this dress?! LOL, $30,000 is intense but I know somebody out there has got it. The dress is fly, but it’s not really my taste… so I think I’ll pass (says the girl who’s not currently engaged, and not currently in possession of $30,000).

What do you guys think of Bey’s wedding dress going on sale? Would you rock it down the aisle?


  • Becca

    A bit much for my taste :P
    I would rock something similar to what Kelly Clarksson wore in “Catch my breath” though. Any idea who the designer is on that one? :P

  • emily

    Shannon, you minx. Your title totally fooled me.
    I was all, “homegirl doesn’t share photos from her wedding but sells her dress? What’s happening?!?! Where am I? Who am I? The world doesn’t make sense anymore!”
    … Well done, Ms. Shannon, well done.

    • Shannon

      emily, why you mad?! You already took your trip down the aisle, lmao!

      But yeah, you know Bey. We may only have the pleasure of gazing upon/wearing her faux wedding dress, lol. Gotta love it :)

  • jennifer

    I love the dress, but holy crud, $30k!?!? And I’m married going on 7 years so I won’t need one any time soon anyway. lol. Or ever again.