Watch: Lance Armstrong Cries Bullshizz Tears In Part 2 Of His ‘Confessional’ Interview With Oprah Winfrey


Yesterday we saw video from part 1 of Lance Armstrong’s “confessional” interview with Oprah Winfrey where, after many years of bold-faced lying about his cheating, he finally fessed up on national television that he did, in fact, dope up/use performance enhancing drugs thruout his professionally biking career. Today we get to see a video clip from part 2 of his Oprah interview that shows the disgraced and, IMHO, utterly nauseating Armstrong starting to tear up when discussing how his lying has affected his children. I present this clip only as a follow-up to yesterday’s post. I am entirely grossed out by this man and anything even remotely associated with him. If you have the time, inclination and stomach, you can watch Lance Armstrong’s entire 2-part interview with Oprah HERE.

  • muchacha

    GD, I haven’t even seen this interview and just looking at him makes me sick. He’s going to get sued by all his sponsors and everyone else whom he claimed defamed him, and will lose, hard. That’s his main reason for “coming clean” – drumming up some public support. Also, in response to the claim that “everyone is doping”, yes, we know they are, doesn’t excuse the behaviour AT ALL. UGH.

  • Becca

    I will never support or condone doping or lying or any part of what goes into that.
    But I do have a serious problem with how people chose to react to something like this.
    Getting angry about it is totally understandable. What I find untolerable is people who pontify right from wrong from way up high when their slandering is nothing to be proud of at all.
    And that – somehow – their heartless, childish, brutal words are justified by the fact that the person in question did something worse. Stop kidding yourselves.
    Two wrongs don’t make a right.
    Showing kids that this kind of hatefulness is okay is in no way a better example than the one Lance Armstrong has set.
    So far they have two options; either they cheat and lie their way through life, or they go through it angry and hateful towards everyone and everything.
    Surely we could – at the very least aspire to – set a better example. Find some sort of middle ground.
    I just find this whole situation so very sad.
    An entire lifetime of acheivements (unfairly attained for sure – but the point could be made that the same goes for most of the US’s wealthiest and they get cudos for it… just saying) has been washed away, just like that, along with a rolemodel and someone so many aspired to be and were inspired by. Trust has been lost – probably forever and families have been terribly wounded by this mess. All because of one man. It’s safe to say that he fkked up big time and should by no means get away with it.
    I just think that today – when everything I think and say is on public display – I have a responsibility to think about the example I set and wether or not I can stand by the things I write. There are better ways to deal with disappointment and anger than calling someone out like this, than just being plain rude and brutal about it and resorting to namecalling.
    I really don’t want to come off smug or holy. I’m just really sick of hearing and reading all kinds of imaginable nasty things about people everywhere. Written by people who don’t even know what they’re talking about half the time and worst of all justify it by someone elses wrongdoing…
    My waay over due point is simply that there are better ways to deal…

  • muchacha

    Becca, you have a good point. I guess we have had different reactions. Whereas you are sad and disappointed, I am angry. I stand by my point that, in my opinion, Lance is only coming clean now because he is trying to manage the story with respect to impending court cases. And yes, he is making me sick, because I feel badly for everyone whom he duped, and especially those who wore the LiveStrong bracelets. I’m not saying that redemption isn’t possible, but I think we need to be clear about what’s happened and what he’s doing by undertaking this so-called public confession. This also contributes to my anger.

    Since you say that there are better ways to deal, perhaps you could suggest some – I’m interested to know.

  • JCZ

    Trent, your subtitle fits this gif perfectly.

  • Becca

    Muchacha, what you’re saying about Lance’s sudden public “remorse” may very well be true. He obviously had no plans on coming clean if he hadn’t got caught – so this is very probably exactly what you say it is… deceitful chmoozing.
    My point is not that anger shouldn’t be a reaction. It’s a natural responce. It’s either there or it isn’t and there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. And people deal with anger differently, and being angry is okay and all.
    I just think that publicly you need to control your outlet of that anger.
    I mean it’s obviously not a very good idea to run someone down on the freeway because they cut you off and you got pissed. But it seems to be such a great idea to let off steem however you like in public writing…
    You can always chose to put your emotions into something constructive. Anger doesn’t have to be a destructive thing – it can also be enpowering and driving, if you allow it to.
    And I think you need to be aware about that in a public forum.
    If you’re pissed and think he’s a proper duche that’s fine. But we all have a responsibility to show that there are better ways to deal with people we dislike than namecalling and rudeness. I can’t possibly sit here and list concrete examples of how to deal with an emotion. It’s too personal.
    All I’m saying is that you can chose to – at least in public – do it in a construcive way.

  • gregory house

    You are all hypocrites, every single one of you. If you’re diabetic, stop taking your insulin shots before you criticize lance. If you’re asthmatic, throw away those brnochodilator meds and you–you with the hypertensive condition–what’s all that “lifetime” supply of nitoglycerin tablets doing in your medicine cabinet? Tell your wife to throw all those silly weight loss pills that she’s taking to stay slim and attractive so you wont oggle at other women’s asses! Everyone of us is taking some form of. “perfemance enhancing drug” or another to stay ahead in this game called LIFE. Women dump tons of steroids and female hormones in their bodies thru cosmetics and diets but somehow we respect their CHOICES and see nothing wrong with it. In reality they’re trying to get an edge over their fellow women too because society rewards the courageous few who risk getting all forms of cancers and other dietary side effects just to look pleasant to the eyes of the world. We drive women crazy by demonizing ugly, just like we drive pro athletes to dope by pooh-pooh-ing mediocre athletic performance. Who are we kidding? These athletes arent role models to us, they’re gladiators that we throw into the lion cages to slake our thirst for blood in competition. The moment their competitive glory is past, we forget them. And SPONSORS get out of here. Lance no more cheated you of those endorsement deals than you beguiled us into buying your shoddy products on the mere strength of the fact that lance’s sporting exploits sold these to us. I dont care if lance drank a million gallons of rocket fuel every time he raced so long as see him push those pedals with his own legs just like every other guy in the race who ALSO topped up on rocket fuel. It was ALWAYS a level playing field because the only guys in the whole sporting world that are not on EPO are probably playing CHESS. The only other real game that everyone’s playing out there is called “who’s-smart-enough-never-to-get-caught” and, yeah, well lance DIDN’T win that one, did he? So what’s everybody yakking their heads off about?