Justin Bieber Is No Longer Being Sued By The Mother Who Suffered Ear Damage At His Concert


Remember back in July when we heard that ridiculous story about a woman who was suing Justin Bieber for $9.2 million because she’d (allegedly) suffered damage to her ear after bringing her daughter to one of his concerts? Yeah, that ish was silly. And a lot of you weighed in on how little sense it made, especially when we all know how loud alll concerts are– especially one with hella Beliebers in the building! Well, the lawsuit has officially been dismissed, although the mother still blames Bieber for the ringing in her ears… lol. Click inside for more!

TMZ has the report:

Justin Bieber just scored a massive victory in his $9 million legal battle over a woman’s busted ear drums, TMZ has learned.

We broke the story … Stacey Betts filed a lawsuit against Bieber last summer, claiming she attended a concert with her daughter in 2010 — and Bieber incited the crowd to such a frenzy, the volume of the screams gave her permanent ear damage.

Stacey wanted $9 million in damages — but last week, she filed documents asking to dismiss her case.

Stacey says she doesn’t have a lawyer — and moving forward with the case on her own is damn near impossible. Nevertheless, she says she still believes in the merits of her case.

The court dismissed Stacey’s lawsuit the same day — AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!

I may clown Justin Bieber (and his tattoos) from time to time, but I’m glad he was victorious in this case. This was just all kinds of cray. Here’s hoping more people think twice before they try to sue a celebrity over some ridiculousness.


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  • Jeannie Kiehl

    Its a concert, of course it’s going to be loud. people are so dumb

  • Jen

    This woman suffered severe medical damages – damages that weren’t cause solely by the “volume of the screams” alone. It’s really too bad she wasn’t able to get an attorney. This could have been a good case with a good outcome (that might have prevented others from experiencing similar injuries in the future).