First Listen: Kelly Rowland Is Being Hella Naughty On Her New Single, ‘Kisses Down Low’


The Destiny’s Child reunion is popping off and, well, we all have our favorites. Let me tell you about how Kelly Rowland became my favorite. It was her Cater 2 U verse (yes, I’m still talking about Cater 2 U). When that ish dropped, I was like yes Kelly. You and me. Aligned forever. And then Dilemma happened, and then Motivation, and yeah. She rules! We just celebrated the awesomeness of DC with our first installment of Throwback Thursdays, and I’m so glad she’s got some new music for us! I’m telling y’all– 2013 is not playing around, lol! Click inside to hear Kisses Down Low. Honestly? I’m not even sure if you can listen to this in front of children, so hide ya kids, hide ya wife/husband, and get ready!

Kelly Rowland Likes Her Kisses Down Low:

Sooo yeah. That’s what happens when you team up with Mike Will Made It. Rihanna and Juicy J have both made successful tracks with this producer and I love this new jam! Anyway, if you wanna know why Kelly is my modern-day Lil’ Kim (and therefore, my mentor in all things related to life and love… lol) check out the lyrics to Kisses Down There on DirectLyrics.

What do you guys think of Kelly’s new jam? When I flipped out over the possibility of her dating The Dream, I realized that I never talk about how obsessed I am with her body personality! Well, all that’s gonna change in 2013! We’ve got amazing new artists like Lion Babe, and lots of of our fave stars coming back into the game. It’s gonna be a good year.

And yeah, now that Kisses Down There has successfully blown my mind, I’m listening to Bandz A Make Her Dance. Judge me if you will!


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  • Mirandal

    DAMN KELLY! Got me wanting that now!

  • Lexie

    I wish I had a reason to write a research paper on the rise of cunnilingus references in hip hop and how much it has influenced men’s oral sex habits!!! Maybe do some sort of comparison to the rise of condom references? #sexnerd

    • Shannon

      Lexie, I kid you not. If you write that paper and e-mail it to me I will absolutely share it here on Pink. You’re talking to the girl who wrote a paper on the G-Spot, and femme orgasm as it related to themes of spirituality in Alice Walker and Toni Morrison novels. LOL. #SexNerdsUnite!

  • Dezden

    I love it!

  • romesf415

    hot! not as good as Motivation but it’s still hot!!!