Megan Fox Strips Down For ‘Esquire’ Magazine, Talks About Catching The Holy Ghost In Church


Oh, man. Celebrity interviews can be cray sometimes. Megan Fox is rocking the hell outta Esquire Magazine’s February 2013 issue and I have to say… I was shocked. Not by her crazy, sexy photo shoot or anything like that. But by the actual interview… in which Megan Fox talks about speaking in tongues, believing in aliens, and compares being famous to being bullied in high school. But she says it’s also like being a god among men. So there’s that. Please click inside and help me make sense of all this!

Megan Fox For Esquire Magazine:

Deep in her house, Megan Fox and I are discussing human sacrifice. I tell her about an Aztec ritual practiced five hundred years ago in ancient Mexico during the feast of Toxcatl, when the Aztecs picked a perfect youth to live among them as a god. He was a paragon, beautiful and fit and healthy, with ideal proportions.

Fox has been telling me about the toll that celebrity has taken on her, how the only way to keep from bending to the outside is to bend within. She’s sitting on a sectional sofa in workout clothes and a sweatshirt that hide her body, her knees folded beneath her…

Megan Fox is not an ancient Aztec. She’s a screen saver on a teenage boy’s laptop, a middle-aged lawyer’s shower fantasy, a sexual prop used to sell movies and jeans.

“It’s so similar. It totally is,” she says quietly…

“I don’t think people understand,” she says. “They all think we should shut the fuck up and stop complaining because you live in a big house or you drive a Bentley. So your life must be so great. What people don’t realize is that fame, whatever your worst experience in high school, when you were being bullied by those ten kids in high school, fame is that, but on a global scale, where you’re being bullied by millions of people constantly.”…

Fox began speaking in tongues around the age of eight, when she attended a Pentecostal church in Tennessee.

“The energy is so intense in the room,” she says, “that you feel like anything can happen. They’re going to hate that I compare it to this, but have you ever watched footage of a Santeria gathering or someone doing voodoo? You know how palpable the energy is? Whatever’s going on there, it’s for real.”…

Others in her situation have found release in booze and pills. Fox has found hers in church.

“I have seen magical, crazy things happen. I’ve seen people be healed. Even now, in the church I go to, during Praise and Worship I could feel that I was maybe getting ready to speak in tongues, and I’d have to shut it off because I don’t know what that church would do if I started screaming out in tongues in the back…

“It feels like a lot of energy coming through the top of your head — I’m going to sound like such a lunatic — and then your whole body is filled with this electric current. And you just start speaking, but you’re not thinking because you have no idea what you’re saying. Words are coming out of your mouth, and you can’t control it. The idea is that it’s a language that only God understands. It’s the language that’s spoken in heaven. It’s called ‘getting the Holy Ghost.’ “…

“I can’t stand pills. I don’t like drinking. I don’t like feeling out of control,” she explains. “I have to feel like I’m in control of my body. And I know what you’re thinking, Then why would I want to go to church and speak in tongues?

“You have to understand, there I feel safe. I was raised to believe that you’re safe in God’s hands. But I don’t feel safe with myself.”

You can read the full interview here. Megan also talks about removing her Marilyn Monroe tattoo, since she’s starting to see that Marilyn was really “sort of like Lindsay [Lohan].”

Now, isn’t this interesting? Megan Fox catching the Holy Ghost?! I never would have thought it. I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda rolling my eyes over this interview at first, but who am I to hate on Megan’s spirituality? I think my biggest issue is with her complaints about celebrity. She’s right– if you drive a Bentley and live in a big house, we kinda do want you to “shut the f— up,” lol. Comparing it to high school bullying makes complete sense in a lot of ways, but it also comes off as an insult to people who really are bullied, and who don’t have a Bentley to drive away in when school lets out. So yeah. NO.

As far as her speaking in tongues, it sounds like she really has had the experience. It’s funny to read about it, alongside these images from her photo shoot, but spirituality and sexuality are certainly not mutually exclusive (IMO), so hey. Why not?

What do you guys think of Megan’s interview?

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  • Vicky

    I was dating a guy once that told me he could speak in tongues… confirmed my suspicion that he was nuts

    • @Vicky — The church I grew up in as a young child was evangelical with speaking of tongues going on. Scared me to death :(

    • Vicky

      I should have clarified that I don’t think all people who say they can or do are nuts, lol, but this guy was just… in the words of Shannon – cray.

    • Shannon

      Vicky, lol! I grew up in a Baptist Church and have been to a few Pentecostal churches. Speaking in tongues doesn’t really freak me out. I was just surprised to hear it from Megan.

    • Vicky

      I didn’t grow up in a religious family so I don’t know much about it, but I just googled it and it’s really quite fascinating!! Thanks for enlightening me a bit.

    • Iris B

      My family is Pentacostal. Speaking in Tongues is something I am used to seeing. Although I’m more spiritual now than religious, I really hope she’s stating the truth. I know for certain people, it’s like they’re being rewashed in phantom baptized water and I would never want to lie about an experience such as that.

  • Kate

    Ha ha the cover photo looks like one of Lindsay Lohan’s mug shots! Has Ms. Fox been plumping her lips?

  • Krissy

    She was such a naturally beautiful woman, it is sad that she had to mess with her face. It seems like she can barely move it anymore.

  • blaqfury

    As a person who grew up in a Pentecost church, I’ve been around people speaking in tongues my entire life, and have learned that it’s a meaningful thing and to respect it (i personally never have myself). So I hope that she’s really means it and isn’t saying it just to say it.

    • blaqfury

      Oh and I meant to say that the black and white headshot-ish photo is absolutely stunning. She is quite beautiful.

    • Iris B

      @Blaqfury, I just read your comment and said the same above. It’s a sacred, sacred ritual for Pentacostals’ who are deep in their faith, and I used to never even watch as a kid so I didn’t accidentally disrespect. I used to be afraid if I smiled or gave a look a shock and begged God for forgiveness – yeeeshhh.

  • Megan

    Has anyone else read the entire article? It is a terrible piece of writing! The writer seems OBSESSED with Megan. He describes her skin as ‘the colour the moon possesses in the thin air of northern winters.’ The paragraph describing her face is hilarious.

    She says “I like believing. I believe in all of these Irish myths, like leprechauns. Not the pot of gold, not the Lucky Charms leprechauns. But maybe was there something in the traditional sense? I believe that this stuff came from somewhere other than people’s imaginations….” OK, I’m Irish and leprechauns don’t really feature is Irish Foclóir, not the proper traditional stuff.

    The writer states ‘Women no longer need to be beautiful in order to express their talent. Lena Dunham and Adele and Lady Gaga and Amy Adams are all perfectly plain, and they are all at the top of their field.’ I completely disagree with this, I find all of those women to be anything but plain. For one thing I find them all to be intelligent unlike Megan Fox. The writer just seems to say it to flatter Fox even more.

    Fox also compares being famous to being bullied in high school. I’m sorry but I can’t stand when celebrities say things like this. There are children and teenagers who are suicidal because of the torment they face on a daily basis. Megan Fox looked happy enough strutting down the Golden Globes carpet with her husband and in her designer dress. Ugh.

    I could rant on all day about this article!

    • Shannon

      Megan, ‘The writer seems OBSESSED with Megan.’ YES, I caught that. Although I notice a similar approach when all men (who write for men’s magazines) interview women who are considered to be sex symbols. It’s pretty annoying and I sensed it right in the beginning where he brought up Aztec sacrifices.

      And I felt exactly the same way about the bullying thing. The truth is, everything is kinda like high school– politics, college, office buildings– we’re all still, in one way or another, participating in some bizarre popularity contest. Some of us are, however, doing it on the red carpet and it just doesn’t seem as distressing… lol. I feel you, Megan!

    • rOXy

      Sounds like the writer of that article is a frustrated poet and Megan is his muse. I like her!

    • Krissy

      I was REALLY offended by the writer complaining about “plain” women being at the top of their field because they were being judged on their talents instead. The fact that he moans about having to listen to Scarlett Johannsen talk about smart stuff instead of just sitting there and being hot is just beyond words.

      A lot of pretty women like being recognised as human beings, not just adornment to decorate a man’s world. Part of being a human is having a brain that sometimes makes you intellectual. He seems intimidated by this. Get used to it, jerk. Smart and beautiful isn’t going away anytime soon.

    • Ella

      I read an article just yesterday about how terrible this piece of writing is on Slate. Here’s the link:

  • Maxie

    Didn’t she just say in another interview that she was going to tone down her sexy image because she has a son now? I see she went the other direction

  • fmx

    I like the couch photo. At the bullying thing, it seems like for celebrities it’s a chosen lifestyle vs a kid at school getting a shitty beating.

  • AmandaMarie

    She’s not as attractive any more. Her face is soooooo structured. Almost robotically. She used to have it going on!