First Lady Michelle Obama Gets Bangs For Her Birthday


First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated her 49th birthday yesterday with a new look that I am totally in love with! On her birthday yesterday, the First Lady shared a photo on her official Twitter profile that showed the world her fantastic new hair’do. Michelle got bangs, y’all! I can’t say that I’m usually a fan of bangs but if worn properly on the right person, they can look really amazing … case in point, our fabulous First Lady. Click below to see this photo in full and fall in love with her bangs right along side me :)

The First Lady just met with Inaugural citizen co-chair David Hall ahead of #MLKDay of Service

LOOOOOVE this look on her. I have to say, even without this youthful haircut, Michelle Obama does NOT look 49 years old. With this new cut, tho, she looks even more youthful. This is a great look for the FLOTUS, I love her even more now :)

In other Obama news, the White House released a new official photo of President Barack Obama ahead of his second inauguration on Monday and, I gotta say, homie is lookin’ pretty fab himself:

I know this photo has been Photoshopped to perfection but I’m loving all the color and look at that smile. His first official photo is not at all flattering because of how boring it is, I don’t think, so I’m glad they finally replaced it with a more fitting photo. Bring on the second term! Wee!

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  • Lauri

    It’s always crazy interesting to see how much a term ages a president. They both look fantastic though!

  • emily

    Twitter was blowing up with this yesterday … pretty much favorable. I love it, I think she looks more beautiful than usual, also more youthful and bouncy. Didn’t think it was possible.
    Barack is a handsome man, but it’s true how much presidency ages you … especially when compared to his wife, who seems to be getting younger every day. WERK!

  • rOXy

    CUTE! @}—

  • Krissy

    I think she looks beautiful. She has a strong forehead, and I think the bangs soften her features a little bit. I think she has a great spirit that shines through her smile, and no matter what her hair looks like I don’t think that light could be diminished.

    Thinking back to the last inauguration… remembering that I sat in the airport looking at TVs with strangers, sharing tears and hugs with them and talking about what a big moment it was for our country. I think we are better off for his first 4 years, and I think there will be even more to celebrate after these next 4.

    • @Krissy — I totally agree :D

  • Shannon

    LMAO at “She Bangs”!!! I love this.

  • nicole

    loveeeeeee those bangs! she looks adorable with them

  • Luna

    I feel a little sad at seeing the white hair on President Obama. I hope people can be more appreciative of him. Being a president ain’t the easiest job in the world, you guys!