Early Casting For ‘American Horror Story’ Season 3 Has Been Revealed


The second season of American Horror Story will come to a close next week when the season finale episode airs on FX but today we are hearing about the first, early casting of the already green-lighted third season of the show. AHS will return next year with a whole new story, in a whole new setting … but with a few familiar actors taking up different roles. It should come as no surprise at all that award-winning lead actress Jessica Lange will be back for another round of Horror next season but you’ll have to click below to find out which of her current American Horor Story: Asylum castmates have already signed on for next season as well.

American Horror Story co-creator/executive producer Ryan Murphy lifted the veil a bit on the upcoming third installment of the FX horror series. At a screening of the season finale tonight, he confirmed that the storyline in season three will be a romance set in modern times, and that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will join star Jessica Lange on the next cycle. All three appeared both in American Horror: Asylum, whose finale airs next Wednesday, and the original American Horror Story.

I have to say, I am encouraged by this news … as I’ve enjoyed the second season of AHS much better than the first. While I felt this week’s episode wasn’t the best, I am really curious to see how the whole thing will end next week. I am in LOVE with Sarah Paulson on AHS this seasons so I’m glad to see that she is coming back. I’m curious as well to see how she and Evan Peters will interact as lovers next season. From what I understand, Jessica Lange’s role will be really over the top next season and I hear she will go back to playing a more villainous role. Based on what I saw this season, I think I’ll deffo be sticking with AHS when it returns for season 3 later this year.


  • DaeDae

    Thank you sweet Jesus! All I prayed for was the return of both Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson for season 3! I could not get enough of them this season. They serve up some serious AHS Scream Queen realness and I live for them! Praise and shout!….LOL

  • missanne

    Jessica Lange is a goddess! I was really rooting for her at the Golden Globes….le poo :(

  • Serena

    That is great news!! I am so excited for Season 3. I too *heart* Jessica Lange, i have since 1976 King Kong. Im so happy to see her still getting awesome roles!!

  • muchacha

    Yippee, Jessica Lange is out of control! :)

  • kendra

    Jessica Lange is seriously the HBIC in every scene she’s in on AHS..She’s brought it both seasons so far..Can’t wait to see her a little more evil next time around! I thought Lily Rabe was excellent this season, too..I’m a little bummed there isn’t any talk of her coming back yet..And I’m hoping the witch aspect of the season that’s going around is true..

  • Natalea

    I could not get more obsessed with this show! And I’m so stoked that Jessica, Sarah, AND Evan are all signed on for next season! Such a stellar group of actors. I’m hoping Lily Rabe signs on as well because girl can play crazy like nobody’s business.

    To second Trent, I wasn’t thrilled with this week’s episode, but I’m hoping the finale will blow my mind!