Zac Efron Caught Inside A Sex Shop


Zac Efron was spotted doing a bit of shopping in a West Village sex shop called Fantasy World this week but y’all might want to calm down your horses cuz Zac was bizzy working. No, he wasn’t doing any recreational sex toy shopping (that I know of) cuz he was actually filming scenes for a new movie titled Are We Officially Dating? Click below to see photographic proof of Zac, some brightly colored dildos and other sex toys in their own little Fantasy World.

Wholesome Zac Efron is probably the last Hollywood star you’d expect to see in a seedy sex shop. But that’s just where the High School Musical actor was spotted on Wednesday as he shot scenes for new film Are We Officially Dating? Looking quite at home in the large Fantasy World shop in the West Village of New York City, the star got to grips with his lines, surrounded by displays of sex toys. He’s spent the last few weeks filming scenes for the new romantic comedy, but this latest scene clearly involves his character heading to an adult store to pick up a few supplies. Looking as stylish as ever, Zac wore double denim for the scene, pairing skin-tight dark jeans with a black jean jacket … Zac was handed a script as he made his way in and spent a while rehearsing his lines before shooting, next to a number of racy and intimate items.

In other words, dildos …

Luckily for the 25-year-old, he is no longer the wholesome teen who made his name by starring in the hit Disney films, as a large red sign on the door of the shop said: ‘You must be 18 years to enter.’


Far from looking awkward, the star looked completely relaxed in his surroundings, hanging around with members of the crew outside the shop. Zac was spotted filming with British actress Imogen Poots just a few days before, shooting a number of kissing scenes with the 23-year-old. While the full synopsis of the film is yet to be disclosed, it is being billed as a light-hearted comedy about three bachelors who make a pact to remain single.

This is awesome. We already know that Zac Efron already has a nice, overflowing supply of condoms … I honestly would not be surprised at all if he decided to add a few sex toys to his arsenal. Oh, Zac.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]