Watch: Anderson Cooper Reveals That He Dated Girls But Preferring Their Brothers


Out CNN reporter and talk show host Anderson Cooper opened up on his daytime talk show Anderson Live about his experience with dating girls when he was much younger. Like many gay men, Anderson dated girls in adolescence while he was trying to figure out his homosexuality. The clip is very candid and very cute … and will resonate with other gays, both men and women, who found that they tried to be someone they are not in order to fit in to the “norm”. I love that Anderson is finally out of the closet because he can have candid conversations like this openly, conversations that, I think, will do much to help normalize the reality that gay people exist in this country :)

  • Alex

    Trent, whatever happened with Anderson’s boyfriend who was caught cheating? Are they still together? I don’t remember hearing anything after the incident.

  • JCZ

    This is where the media steps in to ‘normalize’ the gay community. I hate seeing interviews, not on this show, but say on a Late Night show or something, the host always changes their tune a little, even if they don’t realise it. It’s almost like they’re asking a question whilst walking on egg shells. People need to get comfortable with it, cause society is GOING to change, whether people want to accept it or not. I don’t wanna see, weeks in advance, a TV show be all “Oooh these two gay characters are going to kiiiiiiiss… Tune in!” cause I feel they’re taking advantage of that said community and the apparent taboo of publicly showing sexual or romantic relations amongst gay people/characters.

    Uh, I’m pretty much just expressing what a lot in the gay community feel and others who support them. But seriously, why hasn’t their been BIGGER change, even with the large celebrity backing in Hollywood. Pull some strings people!!!!