The Notorious B.I.G.’s Daughter Commemorates Her Late Father With A Lip Tattoo

That Ish Cray Of-The-Day

Remember a while back when Eminem’s daughter Hailie maybe started a Twitter beef with Taylor Swift? Even though we were never able to truly confirm or deny if that was the real Hailie, we did get to see pictures of the teenaged daughter of one of rap’s most notorious stars, and it was pretty cool. But in the world of rap, there’s really only one, true Notorious and he went by the name of B.I.G. The late great Biggie Smalls also had a little girl and she grew up to be pretty bad ass herself. And by ‘bad ass’ I mean she just got her Dad’s moniker tattooed on the inside of her bottom lip, and shared it on Instagram. Click inside to meet T’yana Wallace… and her bottom lip!

So this is T’yana, before and after:

And this is T’yana‘s bottom lip:

Kinda cray, right? But if she likes it, I love it. We all have our own (occasionally bizarre) ways of trying to honor our parents, so I guess this is hers. She has another tattoo commemorating her Dad:

What do you guys think of T’yana‘s tattoo? I still can’t believe this is Biggie’s daughter!


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  1. Megan

    All I can think about is how much that must have hurt!!

  2. well…atleast its somewhere she can cover it up lol

  3. Is her mom Faith Evans?

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