The Britney Spears Bidding War Reportedly Heats Up In Las Vegas


Earlier this week, we learned that Britney Spears is REPORTEDLY in negotiations to take up a performance residency in Las Vegas, NV that could net her more than $100+ million dollars — a year! At this point, there is no deal in place … nothing has been signed … there is no reason to get all excited … yet. According to a new report, tho, multiple Vegas proporties are all offering bids to nab Britney a residence at their Hotel/Casino. I honestly believe that if the price is right (and sky high), Britney will take the deal … but which property will be the lucky winner?

There is a raging war among 3 Las Vegas properties to snag Britney Spears as their headliner … TMZ has learned. TMZ broke the story last week … Britney was in serious negotiations with one of the Caesars properties to perform several nights a week on a regular basis, as well as make regular appearances at several clubs and pool events. Well, we just found out … since we posted our story two other properties — at least one not associated with Caesars — have thrown their hat in the ring. There’s a story out that Britney has already inked a $200 million, 2-year deal with Caesars. WRONG. No deal has been signed. But as we reported …. sources connected with the negotiations tell us … Britney could get $100 mil a year and maybe more. That’s what Celine Dion made and Britney could be an even bigger draw.

Even tho I cannot let myself get all worked up and excited about this supposed residency, I have a hard time believing that Team Britney won’t jump at the chance of nabbing an extremely lucrative deal to have Britney perform on a regular basis in just one city. IF this deal happens, she will surely hit the jackpot … as will fans. I know I, for one, would happily make my way to LV for multiple, extended visits so that I could see our dear Britney perform repeatedly thruout the year. Man. I can’t even imagine how much fun that would be. BUT, we should cool off on the excitement until we hear some official substantial news/confirmation. A deal like this could be everything … but betting our hopes on rumors right now might be a bit premature.

That being said, OMFG!!!!!!!


  • Lauri

    That would be AMAZING. One spot to run to instead of hoping she comes near me….

    She’d HAVE to take this though, that’s so much money- and with her having kids it would probably be way better than touring.

  • ceebee

    Is she stable enough to take up two hard years in LV? Then again, with her little ones, it keeps her in one place at a time for a while.

    I just don’t see harmony in Brit anymore. Since her breakdown and recovery, there is always that falseness, or even misery behind those overly forced smiles…

  • Donny

    Oh, Trent, I wish you could be objective about Britney. Her X Factor gig was a bust. She didn’t bring in ratings and she wasn’t a good judge. And she won’t be coming back. The producers and Britney’s team can spin it however they want. We all know the truth is that she wouldn’t have been offered a deal to come back for a second year even if that’s what she wanted.

    A Vegas residency will also prove to be a bust. Britney no longer sings live and Vegas is a city of live performances. She is not the draw she once was and people will not pay big bucks to see her simply perform on stage night after night. Her shows will not sell out the way Celine’s do. I guarantee it.

    All that to say, it’s pretty clear Britney doesn’t even like to perform anymore. I think the reason she continues to do so is because she makes a lot of people a lot of money. I bet she’d love nothing more than to make a great record every few years and hawk fragrances. And that’s exactly what she should do.

    • @Donny — Whether or not X Factor was a success, yes they would absolutely pay to get her back. Britney has already enjoyed a successful comeback so she’s already here. Despite what you may think, despite the criticism people may have about her performances, she is still one of the THE most in-demand stars around. If she decides to take this deal, she will make more money than other celebrity performing in Vegas and despite your belief that it will be a “bust”, she will walk away even richer and more successful than before :D

    • Donny

      @Trent – you’re delusional and all about the money. The X Factor would absolutely pay to get her back? Really? It was clear from everything reported (even on your site) that it was mutually agreed that she would not return for a second year. The producers made no offer and if they really wanted her they would have done so. The X Factor made Britney at least $15M richer. What did they get out of it? Not much so don’t talk out your ass.

      Of course a Vegas deal will make her richer. Duh! I never said it wouldn’t. I said it won’t be a success. She will make her money whether the shows sell out or not. It’s not all about money though, especially for the fans. What did you get of watching Britney say “I like you” and “That was amazing” a couple nights a week on TV? Also, most fans expect some live singing at a concert. I understand some lip syncing, backing tracks and vocals, etc. But I last saw her on the Circus tour and there wasn’t one live note sung. Sad.

    • @Donny — LOL. Ok. I guess my point is that criticisms like yours have been hurled at Britney at every point in her career. Thru it all, she has achieved more and more success and her fanbase has remarkably remained strong. You can believe whatever you like … and I can believe what I like … the fact remains, Britney will continue to enjoy successes as long as she likes.

    • Louigi12

      It’s your comments that are sad, Christina. I mean, Gaga. I mean, Donny.

    • Donny

      @Louigi12 – why are you calling me Christina and Gaga? Christina and Britney appear to have mutual respect for each other. And Gaga said early on in her career that she considered Britney an inspiration. There doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between any of them. Don’t you think the argument that I’m allegedly a fan of another artist and that’s my sole reason for critisizing Britney is pretty lame? I guess that 12 at the end of your name is your age.

    • Krissy

      Donny, I think you started off with some valid points (viewership was down for X-Factor, they lost add revenue, and would absolutely not pay her $15M again. They might have had her back for a reduced price, though. Also agree that putting out albums every few years might be a good thing for her).

      However, when you veer off from the points and start writing things like “so don’t talk out your ass”, people stop paying attention to your point. You only weaken your position when you get pissy with the guy that we all clearly like (otherwise we wouldn’t be on his site). Having different views doesn’t need to get insulting.

    • Donny

      @Krissy – I appreciate your comments but whether or not people stop paying attention to my point makes no difference to me. My original comment was direct at Trent and I stated that. In addition, you’re speaking for others. It may make YOU stop paying attention and feel it weakens my position but what others think is merely an assumption on your part. I also didn’t think what I said was insulting. Trent stated that The X Factor “would absolutely pay to get her back” as though it were a fact. Not only is it not a fact but they made no offer at all. So, essentially, he was talking out his ass.

      I like Trent just fine. He’s just not objective about Britney and I find that sad. He could be my best friend and I’d still tell him that he’s delusional and talks out his ass. That’s my style and you’re free not to like it.

    • @Donny — Even tho I think it’s silly to get into a back and forth about this when you made up your opinion about how Britney would do BEFORE she even started filming the show (which I know by going back to read your original comment last Spring), here’s what I’m referring to:

      Fox president Kevin Reilly addressed Britney’s future on The X Factor when he took the stage during the network’s TCA presentation on Tuesday, and here is what he had to say about the pop icon’s status: “For next year, I don’t know,” Reilly says of Spears’ possible return to the show, but quickly answers “yeah” when asked if he’s on board to bring her back. —

      You’ve already made up your mind about a Vegas residency, again, before a deal has even been set so … if anyone is talking out their ass …

  • Donny

    @Trent – since my point was never about how rich Britney is, I guess your replies were irrelevant. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with criticism. I’m a fan of Britney’s. I love her music and think she is one of the few artists right who produce records that set trends. But that’s all she’s good at now.

    • Louigi12

      You mad, huh?

    • Donny

      @Louigi12 – not mad at all. Just being objective and speaking my truth.

  • Ruby

    Whatever this girl does, she brings an audience.
    And the only reason people are disappointed with her X Factor gig is because they didn’t get the so-called ‘crazy’ Britney.
    The poor girl can’t win.