Oh Hell Nawl: ‘Teen Mom’ Star/Trainwreck Jenelle Evans Is Pregnant With Her Second Child


Earlier this week we learned that All My Babies Mamas, a new reality show that was supposed to come to the Oxygen network, had been cancelled. I know thousands of people everywhere were rejoicing over this news, and while I think it was ultimately for the best, I was definitely a bit reluctant to completely dismiss the series right away. One thing that kept bugging me was that, although Shawty Lo and his 10 different baby mamas were pretty distressing to watch, there are sooo many other shows that are, IMO, just as bad. Enter MTV’s Teen Mom. At the very least, we could argue that Shawty Lo was a man who was involved in his childrens’s lives. He def didn’t come off like Dad of the Year but at least he and his baby mamas all had custody of their kids! Jenelle from Teen Mom does not have custody of her first son. and if you ever watched the show you know that it’s probably a good thing (although her Mom, who’s raising little Jace, was pretty f’d up in her own special ways). Anyway, Jenelle recently got married and has just announced that she’s expecting a second child. So yeah. I have big plans to judge her and everyone else who supports her– including the folks over at MTV. Join me inside for more! Again, I warn you, I’m really about to judge these people. Okay. You’ve been warned. Don’t judge me back, lmao!

MTV Act has the report:

Rumors have been swirling that Jenelle Evans from “Teen Mom 2” and her new husband, Courtland Rogers, 27, are expecting a baby. This might concern people who are already worried about Jenelle — she doesn’t have custody of her son, she’s dealt with a number of legal problems, and her relationship with her mother is strained. In the first interview with Jenelle about the topic, we can confirm that her pregnancy is true, “I missed a few birth control pills, and found out I was pregnant at a doctor’s appointment. I was really surprised.”

“Me and Jenelle are so happy that she’s pregnant,” Courtland said to Star in their most recent issue, adding that Jenelle’s looking forward to “a second chance.” Courtland, like Jenelle, also has a child who is in another person’s custody. Courtland told the magazine that he “really wants” to do a MTV spin-off show with Jenelle and it’s under consideration. We can report that it’s not true and there is no new show in the works for the newlyweds.

“I know a lot of people will say we’re not ready, or judge me from my past. I want to prove to everyone that I can do this,” said Jenelle over the phone. “This wasn’t planned, but it happened so we’re taking it as we go. Courtland and I are happy and excited now. We have our own place, we’re married, and we’re both working. We know having a child can be difficult, but we’re going to do our best.

Jenelle is right. While initially learning of a pregnancy can be a very happy time, the reality of parenthood — especially such young parenthood — isn’t all cute baby clothes and adorable Instagram photos.  It’s not uncommon for teen moms to have a second babywithin 24 months of their first — this happens with one out of four teen moms. Another scary stat: Not even half of teen moms will graduate from high school, and the amount who will graduate from college by the age of 30 is just over one percent.

The good news is that being a teen parent is 100% preventable. Learn your options and how to protect yourself with It’s Your (Sex) Life. And since its launch in 2009, “Teen Mom,” has drawn millions of viewers with its honest depiction of the lives of teen moms. You can watch the show on Mondays at 10/9c.

Okay. This is why I EFFING can’t stand the way MTV handles these girls. Notice how this piece appears to be stressing the fact that Jenelle has a hard road ahead, teen parenthood is 100% preventable, blah blah blah. It’s bullshit. Teen parenthood IS 100%, but if I was a teen, and I was kinda bored, and I sorta wanted more attention, and I saw that there was a show called Teen Mom, and allllll the girls on that show were celebrities (of some sort), why the EFF would I try to prevent my own personal teen pregnancy???!!! I watched Teen Mom for years (fa yeeeears!) and after a while I finally came to the conclusion that it was the worst. It DOES NOT do what it pretends to do, which is to show how hard it is to be a teen Mom. All those girls are, for all intents and pursposes, perfectly fine. They have their own money, they have their own homes (a lot of them) and– most importantly– most of them still have some kinda connection with their babydaddies (this is important because it “proves” the theory that getting pregnant by someone is the best way to keep them around forever/for 18 years). Oh, and then they have these super-cute babies who drive them crazy sometimes, but they all still love them, and it was totally worth it, blah blah blah.

That concludes me MTV rant. Now on to Jenelle. Who already started sharing baby bump pictures, cause it’s so cute that she’s pregnant again:

I try, you guys. I try. I really, really, really try not to Mommy-bash! Because anyone at anytime could Mommy-bash me, when I think I’m doing a decent job with my kids. It’s tricky to judge moms when you’re a mom, and when you’re hyper-aware of all the lies Moms have to tell themselves to survive, lol. But OMG! NO! STOP GETTING PREGNANT! Figure out how to be a Mom to your first child before you worry about making a new one with your new husband, who ALSO doesn’t have primary custody of his child! The reason I brought up All My Babies Mamas is because at LEAST that series would have showcased a family (that was, definitely, hella ratchet), where adults were in their children’s lives. MTV has put young women (and men) in the limelight who make babies and then don’t WOMAN up and raise them! Lots of women don’t raise their kids, or don’t raise them well, and there are all sorts of complicated reasons as to why– class, race, society, culture, emotional issues, Mommy issues, Daddy issues, mental health issues, etc., etc. All these things should be explored. We should be interested in WHY some people suck ass at parenting (and honestly, I think it has VERY little to do with age because there are many amazing, responsible teen parents and just as many horrible, irresponsible grown ass parents), and we should be investigating these things, but we should not glorify them. And I don’t care what MTV says, or pretends to say about girls like Jenelle, but they are glorifying this madness.

And I’ll admit that my rage comes partly (hell, largely) from my experiences living in the custody of people other than my birth mother, before I was adopted. MTV is, obviously not the issue here. Teen moms, single moms, and bad moms have been around for quite some time. But when you make it cool to be a bad parent (and they have done this), then you suck. You suck more than Shawty Lo’s All My Babies Mamas, and that’s a pretty hard suck.

Rant complete. Best wishes to Jenelle. All babies are miracles, and I really do hope that she appreciates this miracle and that perhaps it will encourage her to appreciate the first miracle in which she was lucky enough to participate.



  • Vicky

    How old is this girl? She looks about 12 in this picture. I can’t watch this show or shows like it – it makes me just sick. And Shannon you really could probably blame MTV just a little because without them there would be no show… Agggghhh… honestly… and I totally agree with you on another point, too: it’s not the fact that they are “teen moms” that is the problem, they are just crappy parents and idiots in general (those come in all ages!).

    • Shannon

      Vicky, “those come in all ages!” EXACTLY. The show is a problem, but I didn’t want to lose sight of the fact that the bigger problem is a particular brand of parenting which, sadly, exists with or without MTV. But yeah, MTV sure is exacerbating the issue.

    • Vicky

      I agree 100%. These girls care more about fame then their children. When her first child is old enough to know what’s going on, he will be heartbroken that instead of trying to focus on being a parent to him, she got pregnant again. It’s very sad :(

  • leahbnyc

    I mean, part of me wants to hope that she will get it right this time, but the part of me that knows she risked going to jail to see Ke$ha, is married to someone who also lost custody of their first child AND is just an utter hot mess, I have a feeling her mother will end up taking care of this kid too…

    • Shannon

      leahbnyc, omg. The Ke$ha incident. That was another one of those moments where you realize that someone can absolutely be a complete CHILD and still, physically, become a parent. So scary. And yeah, it was also hilarious. But mainly scary.

    • Sarah

      “You don’t understand, Ke$ha is my idol, she’s the reason I have feathers in my hair”

      HOT MESS!

  • Becky

    Honestly, I think this just speaks volumes of our society as a whole. Through the wonders of reality tv, anyone can be a celebrity for at least a short time. We put people who make poor decisions on a pedestal and then we glorify them. Teen pregnancy is supposed to be taboo, but we glorify it all the time with our television programming. We have Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, The Secret Life of the American Teenager etc. Then we have Jamie-Lynn Spears featured in a People Magazine photo shoot that poses her like a 1950’s house wife at 16 years old with her infant looking like a chubby little cherub of joy and happiness with no indication of how hard that infant must be to care for. It bothers me a lot. How can we teach teens to be responsible, while at the same time glorifying those who are not?

    • Shannon

      Becky, ‘How can we teach teens to be responsible, while at the same time glorifying those who are not?’ WE CAN’T. LOL, that’s the problem! Now I don’t think it’s MTV’s job to help raise teenagers the world over, but I also don’t like that they pretend that they are really trying to do good, when it’s just another ratchet, drama-filled reality show. And I have no problem with shows like (no real problem, anyway), but I don’t like that Teen Mom is sort of sold off as some sort of culturally positive/informative show when it’s really not.

    • Vicky

      Jamie-Lynn seems to be a good mother, though…

  • fab4runner

    I follow this trainwreck on Twitter (feel free to judge…I vacationed in the town she lives in and we joked that we were “searching” for her) and she is a DISASTER. She publicly fights with this dude Courtland at least three times/week and is in a constant battle with friends, family, his ex, etc. I don’t think a day goes by that there is not some kind of problem. They may be married, but they are far from happy and functional in my opinion.

    I feel bad for this new baby and I feel really bad for her son, Jace. I am 100% team Babs (her mom) and fully believe that she should have custody of him, but it will probably suck pretty badly for Jace to know that his mom wouldn’t get it together and raise him but she will be doing it for his younger sibling.

    Just UGH.

    • Shannon

      fab4runner, this will definitely suck for Jace. I think I’m annoyed too because people really do stuff like this every day. Start new families when ish is still a wreck with the first family they started. It’s so wrong, on so many levels.

  • Sandy!

    That’s EXACTLY how I felt!! These shows always piss me off. They don’t show how hard it is. It’s like Full House. There’s a problem in the beginning and by the end, everyone’s learned their lesson and happy.
    My mom was 16 when she had me. She didn’t get a tv show! My father wasn’t,and still isn’t, in the picture. We struggled a bit, lemme tell ya.
    MTV needs to stop making these young girls believe that having a baby is the way to go. How about going to school or getting a job? Dang, kids nowadays don’t even know themselves before they’re popping out babies.

    • Shannon

      Sandy! you’re right– it IS like a modern day Full House. Even when some episodes end on a sombre note, it’s still on TV! So it still looks cool!

  • Ashley P

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That is me yelling btw. Janelle, Janelle, Janelle! OMG! When I first read the ‘report’ I prayed it was false. I am a mother and yes I would hate for someone to judge my parenting skills but this girl(I say girl bc she is no where near being a woman) put her life on display for all to see so I am free to judge. When I started watching Teen Mom I felt bad for the girls. Really, I did. But as the show continued it seemed to glorify the fact that they were Teen Moms. Their lives are not rough as the show makes it seem. I mean my gosh, MTV pays them more than I will ever see in a life time an episode so how rough can it be? Their fault for pissing away the money. What is rough for them is that they are no longer children and have to WOMAN up. And as most teenagers do, don’t want to. But DAMN! Out of them all Janelle is the worse. I’m sorry if that offends or insults anyone but she is. She has no sense of what a mother is. She is selfish, selfish, selfish! Yes, her own mother has issues but at least she stepped in to save the life of her grandson. Yes I believe his life was saved. If Jace continued to be under the care of Janelle, who knows where that child would have ended up. I have no reason to believe that Janelle is going to try to make things right the second time around. She should try to fix what she relationship, if any, she has with her son and mother. Is she? Probably not because she is selfish. I am sorry but I could continue about this but need to stop. I will pray for that child.

    • Shannon

      Ashley P, I started out being interested in the show and thinking it might even be educational. But yeah, no. It’s just bad. I think you’re right about Jenelle being especially selfish (although, really, you see similar traits in all the girls); I try not to single people/mothers out like this. But this story really got me.

  • Brandyjk

    I hate to say, but when I first saw this news on twitter I thought, oh boy, Barbara is having another baby. I can only imagine how upset she is and how sad this will be for sweet little Jace. And I could swear Janelle wrote/tweeted something about how selfish it would be of her to have another baby before getting custody of Jace again, guess that has been deleted from her memory. Janelle is incapable of consistently making good decisions, period. Unfortunately, making bad choices doesn’t render you infertile.

    • Ashley P

      I read that too Brandyjk–that Janelle said it would be selfish to have another child.

    • Shannon

      Brandyjk, ugh. That is really disturbing– to know that at some point she was completely aware of how f’d up this would be. And you’re so right– Barbara is having another baby!

  • Kiki

    But for real – is that bathroom door not even on it’s hinges? It’s just propped up against the doorway?

    • apriljan

      I just died from laughter.

    • Shannon

      Kiki, BWAHAHAHA! Thank you for taking time to notice the small things.

  • Jen

    Dear mtv: please just go back to playing music videos.
    Thank you,

    • Shannon

      Jen, a novel idea, right? Music Television. Playing music!

  • ClaireMichelle

    Ugh. I can’t even put any effort into these Teen Mom “celebrities.” I’m surrounded by too many moms that are way too young and barely phoning it in with their kids. These shows just don’t attract me at all. If I want to watch a trainwreck, I just watch the desperate and crazy girls on the Bachelor. At least they are actually adults making fools of themselves.

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, I’m with you. I’m all for a good, entertaining trainwreck, and I don’t expect TV or magazines or other media to necessarily care about young people and the messages they get, but Teen Mom really is on a whole ‘nother level!

  • Alex

    Shannon! Just wanted to pop in to ask you if you would consider doing your own “TV Guide” posts like Trent does. I would love to hear more about your babies, man, and day to day life!

    • Shannon

      Alex, what a sweet idea! One day, I’d like to do more of that. Right now– believe it or not– I’m still getting used to celebrity/pop culture blogging! There’s so much, though, that I want to do here and I def hope to get a little more personal over time. Thanks for asking :)

  • shannon from MN

    Ah, so there was a shotgun at that wedding!

  • blaqfury

    “Best wishes to Jenelle. All babies are miracles,” …Shoot that baby is gonna need a miracle…
    …smh at the entire situation…

  • Mish

    Okay, I have to admit first off, I still watch this show. And I totally get the arguments against MTV airing it. But every time I watch this second group of girls it AMAZES me how different the first group of girls was and how they seemed to actually struggle whereas this second group of girls just floats by, not really accomplishing anything or at all showing that you still have growing up to do. I really do believe if they’d let the show be after the first group of girls they would be doing some good. While yes, still issues to take with the show in general, this second group of girls has completely reversed anything they sort of accomplished with the first.
    Also, my personal shout out to Janelle: YOU LIVE IN A STATE WHERE PLAN B IS FREE. DO NOT TELL ME YOU “SKIPPED A FEW PILLS”.


  • Dezden

    I know I watch Teen Mom every week but… ugh. I just can’t with her. I have no words.

  • Kate

    What strikes me is her comment that they’re looking at it as a “second chance”. Your “first chance” still exists, and he’s being raised by your mother. I’d think you’d want to fix that before getting a second chance. I feel so bad for the kid. All of them involved in this story, Jenelle is one of them. oy vey.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    so she is her own teen mom 2!!



  • Mumzy

    Can we please not pay attention to this? Can this post please be removed??? Can this show please stop hearing and instead can we replace it with real life stories of teen girls who are doing exceptional things for the greater good???

  • Kiki

    I just had to share this update to the story. #SMH


  • Kiki

    I just had to share this update to the story. #SMH http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/74925510.html

  • Kiki

    Hmm. I am trying to share a link with an update to the story (she now wants a divorce) but my comment won’t post with it. Bummer. It’s on Oh No They Didn’t!

    • Kiki

      NEVERMIND! HAHA It posted… sorry for the spam!