Kriss Kross Is Reuniting For One Night Only


I hope you’re sitting down for this … cuz you’re going to have to Jump up and dance around and rejoice because the 90’s one hit wonder group Kriss Kross is reuniting for a special, one night only performance in Atlanta, GA. Kriss Kross, real names Chris Kelly and Chris Smith — now both 32, have agreed to perform their hit song at the 20th anniversary party for So So Def Records. As you may recall, Kriss Kross famously wore all of their clothes backwards … I sincerely hope they will, once again, rock the backwards clothing look. Click below to learn more about this epic reunion and turn up your speakers … the 1992 music video for Jump is included as well.

Kris Kross is coming back. They went by Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac, and for a brief moment in the early ’90s, they had the entire world bouncing to their hip-hop smash, “Jump.” Today, the duo — Chris Kelly and Chris Smith — are barely recognizable from their pint-sized, chart-topping former selves. At 32, they’re both a little older, a little wiser, and, most notably, their clothes are facing forward. But the backwards-worn jeans and baseball jerseys, the shaved eyebrows, the “miggity-miggity-macs” — everything we associate with Kris Kross will live to see another day. Both men have agreed to reunite to perform the song at a concert celebrating the 20th anniversary of Atlanta’s So So Def Recordings — a show scheduled for February 23 at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre that will also feature label-founder Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat, and Bow Wow. The announcement came on Tuesday afternoon at Atlanta City Hall, where Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed joined a roster of So So Def all-stars on the stage, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. Dupri, linked romantically to Janet Jackson for years before the two broke up in 2009, discovered Kelly and Smith in 1990 at an Atlanta shopping mall. Two years later, they were touring with Michael Jackson on his “Dangerous World Tour.”

AHHHH, this is amazing news! Jump was THE jam in the Summer of 1992 … these little dudes were a big sensation for a hot minute. I’m glad to see that the guys are getting back together for this performance. I am counting on the release of live video of their performance … which I hope to share if possible. Any Kriss Kross fans out there? Are you excited?


  • Lauren xx

    I may have only been four when this song was huge, but four year old me is REALLY excited about this. (My mom, however, may not be as excited after repeating it over and over and over for her eight, four and three year olds.)