Here Are Ten Reasons Why The Destiny’s Child Reunion Is Kind Of A Huge Deal


Now that we’re fairly sure that Destiny’s Child will be doing a reunion performance when Beyoncé hits the Super Bowl Half-Time stage, it’s time to start mentally, spiritually, and emotionally preparing for their return. Every couple of days, I find myself in a YouTube music video vortex and it almost never involves contemporary music. I miss the friggen 90s! And the early-to-mid 2000s! And I’ve been wanting to share my nostalgia with y’all, which is why I’m starting a Throwback Thursdays post! Every Thursday we’re gonna re-live and re-lurve the [so-called] oldies but goodies, and I thought the DC reunion would make for a great jump-off post. Click inside to celebrate the forthcoming– and presumably epic– return of one of the greatest girl groups EVER!

Ten Reasons The Destiny’s Child Reunion Is Kind Of A Huge Deal

10. OMG. Destiny’s Child went through so much drama in their early stages! But they were always a bomb group, so here’s a shouts-out to the originals. LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett are still apart of this group, as far as I’m concerned! Anyway, I totally wanted to do hurr after I saw this video:


9. I mean, this is Throwback Thursday! Let’s take it back to ’97 real quick. Oh, and that’s Immature in the video because yeah. Immature. Madness:


8. But it was the No, No, No remix that really made me a DC fan:


7. Shouts-out to Farrah! LMAO. No really, I love this video:


6. Remember when Lil’ Wayne looked kinda, sorta normal? Yeah, me neither. LMAO! He was always *special* but he jumped on this song when he really was my favorite rapper, so yeah. Shouts-out to throwback Weezy! And prego Solange! OMG, yeah I love this one too. Nobody talk to me right now:


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  • Brent

    Love DC. So here is a nerdy fact about me, I practiced Bug-A-Boo in my living room for over 2 hours just so I could sing it at karaoke that night LOL. Proud to say, I didn’t miss a single word! Oh, fun times…

    • Shannon

      Brent, that is not a nerdy fact. That is awesome. We now need the visual, lol:
      [video-embed url=”http%3A//”]

  • Lydia

    Love this post! I have had my Pandora on the Beyonce station the past couple of days at work and I just about lost my mind when Bills, Bills, Bills came on. I had to shut my office door so I could belt it out.

    • Shannon

      Lydia, yeah! So glad you liked. Bills, Bills, Bills is still the anthem right? LOL :)

  • Tina G

    Oh my I forgot about Bug A Boo! Ha! I remember performing Ms. Independent (pt.I) at karaoke (and being out of breath- Beyonce can really sing fast). People love dem some DC3.

    Shannon: MAJOR props for mentioning Immature. That group was my biggest obsession in the 90s-00s. I hope they make a future Throwback Thursday post.

    • Shannon

      Tina G, thank you! Ms. Independent was HUUUUuuuuggggggeeeee!

      About Immature. Don’t get me started on Immature… and my pre-pubescent plans to marry Romeo. I started to go off on a tangent in the post but I had to control myself, lmao. SUCH a good idea to feature them in an upcoming Throwback Thursday! That is def happening :)

  • Samantha

    Yes!! I’m so excited! My HS friends and I were convinced that we were Destiny’s Child. ha ha, all of our relationships could be summed up by a DC song (mine in particular was “Say My Name”)
    Yes! Immature! I was obsessed with Batman…Crazy Obsessed. lol

    • Shannon

      Samantha, the best thing about Batman was that he was also Roger on “Sister, Sister,” and then he came back in our lives to sing the ‘Naked’ song. Yes, he was/is awesome.

      Oh, and ridiculously fun fact– he’s also Jaleel White’s half-brother!

  • JM

    This post SPEAKS TO MY HEART! And the “shout outs to Farrah” had me ROOOLLLIIIINNN. I’m with ya, sister. LaTavia & LeToya are still OG DC and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’re allll there for the Superbowl.

    • Shannon

      JM, so glad you enjoyed! I had to show some lurve to allllll the DC members, lol. I agree– it would be so awesome if they all showed up at the Superbowl :)

  • Alejandra

    I didn’t realize Jumpin’ Jumpin’ was Gangnamish. OG man.

    • Shannon

      Alejandra, LOL at “Gangnamish.” Awesome.

  • CB

    Holy s**t this post just put me in the best mood. I had forgotten how much I love D-Child. YES

    • Shannon

      CB, yeaaahhh! So glad to know that our first Throwback Thursday was a success. Even as I got the idea to do one on DC, I’d also forgotten how much I was a fan. Putting the vids together was a great reminder :)

  • nicole

    hmmm i dont know if i was respectfully demanding..more just demanding lol

    • Shannon

      nicole, LOL! I hope they’re listening! It’s a totally appropriate demand :)

  • Diana

    Thanks for this post, Shannon. I’m not gonna lie, I ignored it for a few days and I’m not really sure why but now I’m dancing in my pajamas in my living room. It is like I’m 13 all over again. On a side note, Michelle went to my high school and we had many of the same teachers… I went there a few years after she graduated. My dance teacher (who we didn’t really like) would show us videos of her in dance class gloating about her… it was kind of funny but cool to have someone famous graduate from our arts program.

    • Shannon

      Diana, I’m glad you got to it!

      What a fun fact about Michelle! I can’t believe y’all were almost classmates, lol. That’s so cool. I took dance for a few years when I was younger– what did you study?

  • Colleen

    Not enough men are “trifling” these days. That’s all I have to say. Oh and DC are totally the hottest girls group ever.

  • Qmobi

    my little japanese gay self and a friend went to see a small DC3 show case in Tokyo back in 2002 before they became huge internationally…have to say, it was a foundational moment for my queer training. team michelle, always!