Watch: Selena Gomez Was TOTALLY Probably Wasted On Golden Globes Night


On Monday, Shannon showed us a bunch of great Golden Globe looks at some of the after-parties Sunday night, including a stunning look by Selena Gomez at the In Style/WB Golden Globes party. It turns out, tho, that Selena was prolly a wee bit drunk that night because as you can see in the video embed above, she sounded pretty wasted as she answered a few interview questions on the red carpet. I watched this clip a few times and, yeah, it looks pretty evident that she was boozed out. She’s still cute tho, bless her.

  • rOXy

    Thank you Trent for posting THAT dress in action! Selena was really cute, too.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Ahhh. She is the cutest drunk girl! Hahaha. Well, we know she had fun at that party! I wish I was that cute all boozed up.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    oh lawd. this reminds me of the drunken toast i did at my brothers wedding. yikers. my bridesmaids dress looked e.x.a.c.t.l.y like selenas too! oh. wait. no.

  • krib

    Hmmm….I didnt think she seemed drunk at all…just a young girl babbling.

    • Desi

      I agree. If that was her drunk, that girl can hold her liquor well…

  • Ashley

    I didn’t get the feeling she was drunk besides the still image of her face before the video started lol. The preview photo of the video makes her look crazed, the poor girl haha. Pretty awesome.

  • Shannon

    LMAO! Yeah, no. She’s def feelin’ some type-a-way. It’s all in the eyes and those little weird facial expressions. Love it!

  • Lulu

    So darn cute! She’s probably a tipsy one drink wonder like me. lol :)

  • Courtney Bryant

    It is ALL in her eyes! lol

    • @Courtney Bryan — YEP!

  • Dezden

    HAHAHAHAHA! And that still above… hilarious.