The Oxygen Network Decides To Cancel The Reality Show ‘All My Babies’ Mamas’


Late last month we learned about a really horrible-looking/sounding reality TV series titled All My Babies’ Mamas that focused on rapper Shawty Lo (real name Carlos Walker) and his 11 children by 10 different women — a show that Shannon referred to as the “absolutely worst reality show in history”. I, personally, was not a fan of this idea from the first moment I heard it but in the age of terrible reality TV, I figured this was just the next step toward the demise of our culture. Today we learn that the Oxygen network has decided to not move forward with the series and pull the plug before the show even makes it to air. I guess we can be thankful that the endurance of our society has been saved … for a while longer.

Oxygen Media has pulled the plug on the controversial reality special All My Babies’ Mamas as pressure mounted from, Parents Television Council and other organizations outraged over the show’s premise about rapper Shawty Lo, his 11 children and their 10 mothers. Author Sabrina Lamb started a petition on urging Oxygen to pull support for the show shortly after it was announced in December. The organization said it gathered more than 37,000 signatures in support of its campaign which culminated this morning in simultaneous petition deliveries to the offices of Oxygen, NBC Universal and Comcast in New York City, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. “I am pleased that Oxygen Media has heard the outrage of over 37,000 consumers and shareholders who said, ‘enough is enough,’” Lamb said in a statement. “We will not support any network and advertiser which exploits the plight of children and targets young women with stereotypical, dangerous, unsafe messages. said it was notified of the decision in a statement from Oxygen. “As part of our development process, we have reviewed casting and decided not to move forward with the special”, Oxygen said. “We will continue to develop compelling content that resonates with our young female viewers and drives the cultural conversation.” All My Babies Mamas was slated to premiere in the spring.

Ugh, yes … this was the right move by Oxygen. My problem all along with this show was the potential exploitation of Shawty Lo’s 11 children, minors whose lives would be changed forever from being on TV in this way. As terrible as it may sound to watch a show about a man with 10 different “babies’ mamas”, if only the adults were featured I’d have no problem with the show making it to air … after all, reality TV has become a cesspool of entertainment as it is. This show doesn’t need to be seen, I say good riddance.


  • nicole

    oh thank you baby jesus.

  • pufinstuf

    One less show that I have to avoid.