Shakira, Gerard Piqué & Baby Bump Hold A Virtual Baby Shower For UNICEF


At the start of this month, we learned that parents-to-be Shakira and Gerard Piqué rang in the new year with baby still incubating within her womb … and now, about 2 weeks later, we learn that Shakira has still yet to give birth. BUT we get to check out a set of professional photos of the happy family showing off just how close they are to birthin’ their baby. A bikini-clad Shakira and a shirtless Gerard pose with their baby bump in the photos below … check ‘em out to see how the rich and famous handle the last stage of pregnancy (hint: they handle it beautifully).

Shakira and her footballer beau Gerard Piqué have released several portraits of the pregnant singer to celebrate the impending arrival of their first child. Dressed in just a bikini top and skirt, boyfriend Piqué also whipped off his shirt in one of the intimate photos which shows their closeness as they prepare for the birth of their son. The images which were taken by Jaume Laiguana were uploaded to the internet as the couple have decided to team up with UNICEF to host a virtual baby shower. Shakira, 35, is following in the footsteps of celebrities such as Demi Moore and Britney Spears, who have posed nude during the latter stages of their pregnancies. However rather than posing on a magazine cover, the Colombian born singer decided to share the candid photo on her Twitter page. Using the social networking site to its full potential, the couple are welcoming fans and family into their interactive living room where they can purchase Inspired Gifts. Presents such as mosquito nets, polio vaccines and baby-weighing scale can all be bought on the site with each item set to be distributed to children and communities in some of the poorest corners of the globe. On entering the online baby shower, visitors are greeted with a personal message from Shakira and Gerard, the clip begins: ‘As you all know, we will soon be welcoming our first child into the world, and to celebrate his birth we’ve organised a virtual baby shower in association with UNICEF. ‘In lieu of receiving gifts for our baby as with a traditional shower we would like to offer support for babies who live in conditions of extreme poverty throughout the world.’ Taking over from Gerard, Sharika continues: ‘Thanks to all of you, they will receive in the form of inspired gifts therapeutic food packages, vaccines, and rehydration salts which will help save the lives of hundred of thousands of babies throughout the world. We’d like to thank you in advance, and we are very very happy to know that we can count on your support.’

This is a very cute idea … and I love the photos. If you would like to donate something for the baby shower, you can do so and learn more HERE. While some celebrities are happy to sell their baby photos for profit, others like Shakira and Gerard are happy to use the occasion of their baby’s birth to help others. What a wonderful idea for a baby shower, don’t you think?

My guess is when next we get an update about Shakira, it will be on the occasion of her baby’s birth. Can’t wait!


  • Ruby

    Ugh, I seriously don’t know how people can think the pregnant body is beautiful. That just looks gross.
    And I don’t care if that puts noses out of joint – it’s the truth. Pregnancy is just ugly.

    • @Ruby — I disagree with your “truth”. Your opinion may be that pregnancy is “ugly” but it is not true that others share your belief. IMHO, pregnancy is the most beautiful miracle that humans will ever experience.

    • Amber

      creating life is ugly?
      wow…. I don’t even know how to respond to that….

    • Aisis

      I must also disagree. Every pregnant woman that I have ever seen is absolutely gorgeous and glowing. Being pregnant may be difficult for some, easy for others, trying for others still…but beautiful nonetheless. I love to see photos like these celebrating how awesome these women look despite what some may be physically feeling or mentally dealing with during their pregnancy.

    • Ruby

      That’s cool, we all have our own opinions. I don’t mean the actual woman is ugly – Shakira still looks gorgeous… in the face. But the actual extended stomach just grosses me out and I don’t see any ‘beauty’ about it.