Julianne Moore Features In Her Own ‘Carrie’ Poster


Back in October we got our first look at the first movie poster for the upcoming remake of the classic horror film Carrie. As you may recall, that first poster featured actress Chloë Moretz who stars in the film as Carrie White. Today we get to see the just-released second poster for the film and it features actress Julianne Moore who stars in the film as Carrie’s evangelically crazy mother Margaret. While I have my concerns about this remake, I have to say … I think it’s going to be good. Check out the poster below and get the latest look at Carrie’s mommie dearest.

A new poster for Carrie has been released. The image features Julianne Moore in the role of overbearing, fundamentalist mother Margaret, as played by Piper Laurie in Brian De Palma’s original film. Teenage misfit Carrie (played by Chloë Moretz) is terrorised both by her high school peers and by her mother, and discovers she has psychic abilities which flare up when she is angry or upset. Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry) is directing the remake, which has been adapted from Stephen King’s original novel by former Glee writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Judy Greer, Gabriella Wilde and Alex Russell also star in Carrie. The film was originally set for a March release, but has been delayed by seven months. Carrie will now be released on October 18 in the US, and November 29 in the UK.

I love this poster … but I’m not really happy that the movie has been pushed back from Spring to Fall. I was kinda looking forward to seeing Carrie in theaters sooner rather than later. But, the delay does make its release more appropriate for Hallowe’en so … I guess, on that front, it makes sense. As I’ve said many times before, I really LOVE the original film … so it’s going to be a tough act to follow. That said, I love Julianne Moore and Chloë Moretz so … I’m gonna keep hope alive that this remake will be decent … God willing.


  • Krissy

    I looooooove Julianne Moore, but I find this poster exceeds even my expectations. Her eyes are chilling and her mouth just looks so evil!

    • @Krissy — I agree. I love Piper Laurie in the original film but I have every faith that Julianne is going to bring a chilling new side to the character. I’m honestly more excited about Julianne than Chloe.

    • Krissy

      “I’m honestly more excited about Julianne than Chloe.”

      Me too! I think Chloe has a lot of potential, but I also think it will be good for her to work with someone like Julianne and learn from her. I feel like even if Chloe misses the mark a bit, Julianne is powerful enough to still make the whole film scary.

  • Rory

    With several remakes over the years,I’m actually looking forward to this one.Like Trent,more excited about Julianne,really feel she can pull it off