First Look: Hustle Roses Drops A Music Video For Her New Single ‘NoHo’

From her Forthcoming Mixtape 'Bitters'
"I ain't messin' with sloppy girls to get in my way"

Back in October my girl Hustle Roses dropped a music video for her stunning cover of the Danzig song Sistinas and today we get to check out her latest masterpiece, a new video for her new single NoHo. NoHo will be featured on her forthcoming mixtape Bitters and if you’re lucky enough to be at South by Southwest this year, you’ll get to hear her perform it LIVE! I’m trying to see if I can work out a trip to Austin, TX to see Hustle Roses at SxSW because her live shows are the best. Check out the video for NoHo above, I think you’ll like it. I’ve been loving this song for many weeks now, I’m glad that more people are getting to hear it :D

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  1. One of the best parts of this blog is introduction to some good music! I had a free song download certificate just burning a hole in my hard drive and now I know where to spend it! :)

  2. cupcakes in my pocket

    @trent i ain’t messin with sloppy girls TO get my way.

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