Hurray For ‘Hollywood Studios’


Yesterday was my last full day here in Florida and I did my best to enjoy as much of it as I could … so that meant I got to hang out in 2 theme parks instead of just one. As you may recall, I shared some photos yesterday of my day at Universal’s Islands of Adventure park and below I share some photos from my evening/night at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park. When I first visited Disney World back in 1991 (an ice age ago, I know) this theme park was called Disney’s MGM Studios … I liked it back then, I really love it now.

To be honest, I didn’t really remember much from my first visit to this park all those years ago. The only thing I distinctly remember was getting my photo with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (who were BIG at the time and were characters in the MGM Studios park). This time, the whole place looks like Hollywood … from Sunset Blvd., to the Chinese Theater, to the Farmer’s Market at The Grove … all of these landmarks in LA are reproduced here. I had a really fun night in the park because last night the park closed at 8PM to regular visitors and stayed open for 2 more hours for guests staying at the Disney World Resort hotels. They call this time Magic Hours. The park was totally empty and I spent the last 2 hours running all over the place riding my fave rides over and over and over again (I did Star Tours 4 times in a row, so rad). I may have some time today to get over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to play for a bit before I have to fly back to LA tonight. OY! It’s been a bizzy trip but I’ve really had the time of my life! I hope all y’all are having a great Tuesday and I’ll be comin’ atcha next from sunny LA!

  • Jamie O.

    Hollywood Studios is my fave WDW park! Glad you’re enjoying yourself after your marathon running!