‘Dexter’ Season 8 Will Premiere In June


For the past 7 years, new seasons of Dexter have premiered on Showtime in early Fall … either late September or early October (depending on the calendar that year). This year, the 8th season of Dexter will premiere 3 months earlier in late June, which means we will be spending our hot Summer Sunday nights with our favorite serial killer. Even better … the head honcho at Showtime is giving us hope that Dexter season 8 won’t be the last season of the series … despite what we’ve been lead to believe. Could it be? We get Dexter even sooner AND we might get a season 9?!

The wait for Dexter season 8 just got much shorter this week, when Showtime Entertainment President David Nevin revealed that the premiere will be moved up from its typical fall debut to this summer, Sunday, June 30. But don’t expect the series to end this year, because there’s still no official answer. While speaking at the TCA this Sunday, Nevin announced that Dexter will be getting an early start this year … The Showtime Entertainment President went on to continue not confirming whether or not this will be the final season of Dexter. Here’s what he had to say about the possibilities of Dexter season 9:

I’m not making any announcements about when Dexter will end. Before Dexter goes on the air for their next season, there will be a clear end game in place, but I can’t talk about it. The decision of when Dexter will end is ultimately a creative decision and made on creative reasons.

If what Nevin says is true, Dexter will be coming to an end – something series showrunner Sara Colleton already confirmed during season 7: “We wanted to end it this year, but the network convinced us that it would be best to do it in two years. In some ways, this is a two-season series-ender.” In fact, it’s the two-season series-ender plan that’s allowing the show to air early without affecting production. However, Nevin isn’t the only one speaking of a possible season 9. Last month, executive producer Scott Buck said, “I don’t have an answer to that because that’s a Showtime decision.” If Showtime is saying it’s a creative decision and Dexter producers are saying it’s Showtime’s decision, what does that mean? That it’s probably Showtime’s decision. Probably.

Firstly, YAY on the early return of Dexter! I am REALLY excited that we get right back into the action in June rather than having to wait until September. Secondly, OMG, I really hope we do get a season 9 of the show. I have full faith and confidence in the creative team that Dexter will end perfectly either at the end of season 8, season 9 or beyond. Showtime, obviously, wants to make as much money as they can off of the show so I’m certain they’ll let it keep going if the creative team wants to continue. I’m not getting my hopes up but … I hope to some day soon :)

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  • nicole

    when i heard about this movie to June, i was soooo excited! works out well for me because im an impatient person lol

  • Kiki

    I like the show, but I am upset about it’s earlier return and the possibility of a second season. I very much enjoy my Dexter/Homeland nights. Although being paired up with Homeland just highlights how drab and boring Dexter has become. Which explains why I am not excited about a possible 9th season. It needs to end. It needed to end after the Trinity Killer season. The US just really drags out shows unnecessarily. I feel that Dexter could have been so well done if it had less “filler” episodes. (And holy hell was season 6 a waste of my 12 hours!)

    • Vicky

      I thought this last season really stepped it up. Definitely gives promise that next season will be intense!

  • Joan

    I take all the Dexter I can get, so yes, I’m super excited! I just really hope that DEXTER doesn’t become DEBRA. I’m sure we’ll see the personal repercussion of her actions during S7’s finale, but I don’t want it to overtake Dexter’s character journey. Or at least I hope she has a better a plan than “suppress your killing impulses because I say so”. See, what I love about this show is that Dexter gets to understand his very own complexity as he goes. He is always evolving. Every Season, he comes to poignant self-realizations that carry on to the next one. I live for those.

  • rachel

    no, No, NO! i love dexter, but the writers have already drawn out a single farewell season into two – stretching two into three is going to denigrate the incredible awesomeness of this series. please exit gracefully so we can continue to have wildly inappropriate fantasies about michael c. hall/dexter; before you hack the series to crap and he’s just some annoying freak (insert some type of cheese ball metaphor about butchering the show vs. allowing it to die naturally)!

  • JeniLeeSK8

    I love the show…its one of my top 3 ever…..BUT – there is something to be said for a show ending gracefully. One of my biggest TV pet peeves is when a show stays on past its welcome and gets so terrible that I am glad to see it end (like the way How I Met Your Mother has become the past few years). I want Dexter to end while it is still good and when I am actually sad to see it go.

    Jennifer Carpenter however is still under the impression season 8 is the end according to her twitter so I am sure the Showtime boss is just trying to get headlines.

  • the3walcks

    Trent, I can not say it enough times, THANK YOU for turning me onto Dexter!! I am sooo excited to see that it will be coming back early! I got behind a bit on this last season because I had my thyroid removed so I just finished season 7 last week and I was gripping my seat! I cant believe some of these people saying it should of ended a while ago. If you are a true Dexter fan, you could care less how slow the story lines are, you are happy as he*l just to be watching it. I hope they keep the seasons coming. The good shows now days dont last no where near as long as shows used to. I was upset that they ended House because that was a great show too. CSI has been on for what 5 years and Law and order svu has been on for like 12 or 13 years. I hope they bring on Dexter for another gazillion years!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

    • the3walcks

      What do you think of the show the Glades? I really like that show too. I flip back and forth between the Glades, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Ncis and the CSI series. I just finished Buffy the Vampire slayer and the Angel series and I loved them. I’m a big tv person! I sit and crochet as I watch all these great shows! My son just got me onto The walking dead and I love that! Any suggestions on some good shows?

    • JeniLeeSK8

      @the3walcks – My top 2 show of all time are Breaking Bad on AMC and Shameless on Showtime. Dexter comes in at 3rd!

      I too loved Buffy and Angel. If you love the one liners in Buffy you’d also love Veronica Maars!