Amanda Bynes Has Pierced Her Face


It’s been a while since we’ve heard any significant news about Amanda Bynes … that is, she’s managed to avoid acting weird in public for attention for a few weeks now. As you may recall, we learned back in November that homegirl joined Instagram and started sharing personal photos with fans … that way she can share her weirdness directly to her followers. For the past few weeks, she hasn’t really posted anything interesting … until now. Apparently, Amanda went and got a facial piercing … or, at least, she wants us to believe that she got pierced. Amanda posted two photos that show her with a supposed piercing on her left cheek. Click below to see the photos in full and see what you think of her new look.

Subdermals :D

It’s possible that Amanda went and got this piercing done but it’s also possible that she’s faking it for attention. With the first black and white photo above, Amanda called the piercing a “subdermal” … which it is not. A subdermal is a piece of body jewlry that is placed beneath the skin so that it creates raised bumps on the body (it looks like THIS). If this is real, then it’s just a piercing typically referred to as a Beauty Mark or the Marilyn Monroe (because its placement on the cheek is where a beauty mark might be found). The fact that she doesn’t even know what she got on her face leads me to believe it’s not a real piercing at all … that it’s a piece of jewelry held in place by a magnet. Fake or not, I can’t say that it’s a bad look … I know lots of cool chicks with Beauty Mark piercings. My guess, tho, is that Amanda just wants us to think she’s being different so … if that’s the case, I can’t say that I’m impressed very much :/

UPDATE: I stand corrected, many of you readers correctly reminded me that the Marilyn Monroe piercing is one on the upper lip, not cheek. This is merely a dimple piercing, if it’s an actual piercing at all, and is still not a subdermal.

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  • Vicky

    I’ve seen a couple girls with piercings like that that look really classy and cute – doesn’t really do much for Amanda though.

  • Lulu

    Usually monroe ones are in a different spot. That looks like it’s where a dimple would be. Which is a rather strange spot..

    I’m a piercing fan, but not of that placement. At all.

  • Meghan

    Hooray for her! No one cares……

  • KT

    it actually looks like it could be a dermal and not a monroe (wrong placement). It’s a really weird spot for a dermal though too.

  • Amber

    weird spot…..

  • Elizabeth Whitehill

    a monroe is on ur upper lip, i have one. i think its cute, iv thot about getting my dimples pierced

  • Leah

    It looks stupid.

  • Silly

    If it’s real and she gets sent to jail, she’s going to have to have it cut out. I saw some jail reality show where a woman had one on her chest and the guard who was processing her said they were going to have to get it out somehow. (they didn’t show that part so I don’t know what happens but ICK AND OUCH).

    And the likelihood of her getting sent to jail for one reason or another is a bit higher than the average citizen these days. ;)

    • Krissy

      I am shuddering right now. That sounds so painful and not fun!!!

  • rawrkristy

    a marilyn monroe piercing is placed just above the upper lip and it looks like amanda has been ‘pierced’ on both cheeks.

  • Sam

    Looks like she forgot to wipe her face before taking the pic

  • bleedingEars

    HEY! Give the girl a break! Seriously you haters!! Amanda is getting herself ready for her porn career because that money isn’t going to last forever and home girl doesn’t seem like the DeVry University type. Plus I hear she already has three films in pre-production: Easy, eh?, What A Girl Wants… Is A Three Way and She’s The Man

  • krib

    im more concerned about that heinous shirt…

  • Amanda

    This… child. The BURDEN of sharing this child’s name.

    Amanda, miss, the only piercing thing you need is a stare.

  • Jasmin

    It’s a micro dermal, I’ve got one myself but not in my face :)
    They place the piercing under your skin and they srew a tiny diamond in it on the surface.

  • aubrey


  • AmandaMarie

    There are technically no piercings labelled as subdermal. There is Micro Dermal however. The one she has is simply called a dimple piercing. Usually takes 3-6 months to fully heal and if done correctly creates a well defined faux (man-made) dimple which is permanent even if the piercing is removed. They are typically labelled a permanent piercing due to the fact that a medical professional is usually required to have them removed safely. Personally, I think it looks good on her. It tends to look better on rounder faces and she’s got one of the roundest in Hollywood.

  • JC

    Ew that girl is going to get periodontal disease! YUCK! Mouth piercings are gross, say goodbye to your gums Amanda!