Wild About Harry


So, today I cheated on Mickey Mouse for a bit so that I could leave the hallowed grounds of Walt Disney World so that I could FINALLY experience the fun stuff at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure … and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in particular. I got to the park pretty early but still found that there were a lot of people there. Thankfully, I upgraded for an Express Pass and since I’m a single rider, I didn’t have to wait in line for a single ride … not one wait longer than about 5 minutes! It was a great day for amusement parking today. I loved the world of Harry Potter as well as the Jurassic Park part of the park and the Marvel Comics part as well. Check out some fun photos below.

First up, the world of Harry Potter. I got to drink some Butter Beer, got to pick out a magic wand and I got to ride the coolest ride ever devoted to Harry Potter and his friends:

The longest wait I endured was for Ollivander’s Wand Shop. I think I baked in the sun for about 35 minutes but it was definitely worth the experience. The rest of the day was just ride after ride after ride. The Butter Beer is very good but very sweet. To start the day I drank it cold. At the end of the day I tried it frozen … I prefer it cold :)

From Harry Potter, I moved on to Jurassic Park:

I’ll never tire of anything Jurassic-related. The rides are really fun but the big Jurassic Park ride gets you wet — a lot. I saved that ride for last because I didn’t want to be soaked all day. Thankfully I didn’t get too wet but one of those damed spitter dinos squirted me right in the eye :/

To finish out my day, I spent some time playing with the Marvel Superheros and rode some really fantastic rides:

Don’t get me wrong, Disney does everything right … but Universal REALLY gets the 3D interactive ride experience perfectly. The Spider-Man ride is SO cool! You wear 3D glasses on the ride and as things are happening all around you, Spider-Man and his villains are actually in your face making you really feel like you are part of the experience. I was blown away. So much so that I had to ride the dang thing 3 times ;)

I could’ve stayed in the park all day but I wanted to get back and rest for a bit before dinner and then make my way to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to finish out my night. I fly back to LA tomorrow and I may have time to do some fun stuff then but today is my last chance to play so … I’m going to go play! Happy Monday!!

  • Dezden

    Looks like fun! The no lines is niceeeee!

  • Sarah

    That is my favorite park! I like it more than DW….and the Hulk is my all time fave roller coaster!! Spiderman is too rocky for me, I feel sick every time I get on it. Glad you’re having such a great trip, Trent!

  • rOXy

    Thanks for the run down! The butter beer was officially on my bucket list and now that I’ve enjoyed it vicariously through you, I have to thank you for consuming my share of the calories, which I happily donate because you needed them. 40 miles is a heckuva qualifier.

  • Meghan

    I finally tried butter beer at the Harry Potter Studios in London las summer. Wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Way too sweet! However, the studios were awesome. A must for any fan!

  • Lulu

    Sooo jealous! :) Glad you had a good time! :) You didn’t share what size and kind your wand was though!

    Oh man. That’s the dirtiest sounding innocent thing I’ve said/written in awhile. lol. Go me! :p

  • Wynter

    Spiderman is the coolest! It still boggles me that they make you feel like you really are falling at the end.

  • cmc

    I went to Universal/HP-world last winter by myself too. Skipping the lines is a HUGE plus! Glad you had a great time.

  • Becky

    I loved the detail in the Harry Potter section of Universal, but I thought that it was way too small for the crowd it drew. When I was there, you couldn’t get into any of the shops without waiting in line outside, so buying souvenirs was next to impossible. I wish they had dedicated more space to that section.

  • splacer

    I love The WW of HP. I cried (for joy) when we got there and my heart was heavy when we left. I would return to Orlando and happily skip DW for HP anyday. We went the week before US Thanksgiving and there were no lines. Beautiful! Our family definitely preferred the frozen BB.

  • JeniLeeSK8

    Oh man you shoulda gone to the Universal side too. The Rip Ride Rock-It is my fave coaster EVER. You have speakers in your headrest and you pick the music that plays while you ride.

    Glad you enjoyed Harry! My husband and I have annual passes and we have been to Harry 6 times already but still love it just as much as the first time!