Watch: Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Were Unsurprisingly Awesome At The 2013 Golden Globes


So as y’all know by now, last night the 2013 Golden Globe Awards aired and I was HUGELY disappointed by two things. 1.) Marion Cotillard was effing robbed!!!! and 2.) They coulda used more Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. These two were amazing as hosts, but there were hella moments when I was like Where are they?! Can they come back?! Please?! Now. But yeah, their opening bit was hilarious– I especially LOL’d at the Kathryn Bigelow/James Cameron joke, and any jokes about HPV will always get me. LMAO… I love these two! Oh, and Amy’s Bostonian convo with Ben Affleck was EVERYTHING… oh and then when they both lost to Lena Dunham, it was just the best… okay. Yeah, you gotta watch! The folks over at Flavorwire were kind enough to pull together all of their best moments from last night so in case you missed, peep the video above!



  • ClaireMichelle

    They were hilarious! And so under utilized. I so wish they appeared more, but dammit were they hilarious when onscreen.

    “That was Hillary Clinton’s husband!”

    Also, I really wish Amy had won. Oh well. She will get them next year!

  • Sam

    I wasn’t expecting anything but these two were amazing as hosts. They finally chose ppl who were used to performing in front of live audiences and had a knack for comedy…great job!


    No surprise that the ladies were brilliant. I love it when comics (especially females) prove that one does not have to be dirty or outlandishly insulting to be funny. I hope they bring them back next year, give them more air time AND let them host the Oscars.

  • MJ

    They were awesome! My two faves, aside from the James Cameron, Franco, and Hillary’s husband were:

    “Taylor Swift, you stay away from Michael J Fox’s son!”


    “We’re going home with Jodie Foster!”

    Plus, getting Daniel Day Lewis to do the ET finger? PRICELESS!

    Tina and Amy, 2016!

  • Joan

    I loved them! And may I be blunt and say Amy Poehler was slightly funnier than Tina? *runs away before any flying tomatoes happen to bounce on her head*

  • LiQue

    they were both amazing, i reckon tina was supposed to act that way the “voice of reason” to amy’s out there persona! but they were FUNNY as hell!!!! the “THAT WAS HILLARY CLINTON’S HUSBAND” WAS AMAZING AND MY FAVORITE!!!!

  • Liz

    I wasn’t expecting much, but those two were funny! Also Amy looked good in that burgundy dress, showing a bit of cleavage.

  • Krissy

    I thought they did such a good job! You know hosts are kicking azz when the audience wants MORE of them!

  • Liz

    Not Tina and Amy related, but for once the President of Hollywood Foreign Press Association speech was not boring.

  • KiTX

    This was the first time I watched an awards show all the way through in years, and it was only to see Tina and Amy be awesome. They totally lived up to all my expectations and more- LOVED IT ALL.

  • blaqfury

    Although i’m on a personal campaign that Jimmy Fallon should host everything…. These two are on a very very close second..

  • Matthew

    Sorry, but the “nobody PLANS on doing porn” was the best of the night.

    Followed by “We’re going home with Jodie Foster.”

    The HPFA was third. lol

  • Jess

    I love watching the stars’ faces get nervous when they start to introduce who is present on the evening, hahaha. Yuh, you are gonna get made fun of!