Here Are The Top Five ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ‘Sabotage,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Revenge’


Last week was a good week for Revenge, right? it was the first episode of 2013 and I really felt like things were gonna get turnt up for the next few episodes. And I gotta say, Sabotage did not disappoint. So many familiar faces are back in the picture and they’ve brought the drama with them! Epic recap going down inside!!!

This episode picked up right where last week left off. Aiden and ‘Emily’ were forced to have an awkward conversation about The Kiss, as we expected. I knew this whole faking-up ish was gonna complicate things on some real levels and yeah! Awkward. I was, however, surprised that Aiden told ‘Emily’ that he’d been contacted by The Initiative. I kinda thought he might try to get Colleen back on his own, but it looks like he’s sticking with his Ems.

Jack’s in jail, which is so weird and ridiculous, lmao. We’ve all been sort of in and out of the bar story, unclear as to its necessity in the grand scheme of Revenge. But I really liked that in this episode we finally started seeing it connect with the other story lines. Charlotte reached out to her Dad for help, and my girl Ashley Smashley returned, just in time to convince him that helping Jack would be a good move for this political career he’s plotting.

The Initiative is now everywhere! Mainly all up in Daniel’s head, which can’t be a good thing. They’ve got this Stonehaven deal popping off and everybody’s trying to get in on it, including the sketchy-ass businessman Victoria was hosting around,  Jason Prosser. I gotta say, it’s been weird watching ‘Emily’ and and Victoria work together; neither one of them trusts the other so I’m interested in seeing where this is all gonna end up.

And then we had… the return of Padma. I was sooo excited to seem my girl, lookin’ all sexy in that lil’ red, office-appropriate freakum dress! And then… !!!! Agh!!!! Yeah, we’ll get to it!

Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Revenge, Season 2, Episode 11:


1. Fauxmanda’s Back?!

Okay, so this is how I started getting back into the bar story. Y’all know how much I looooathe the Nate & Kenny, who now have poor Jack sitting up in some ratchet jail cell. Well, it occurred to me in this episode that the only one who can get rid of those two– and all the douchebaggery they’ve brought into our lives– is Fauxmanda! Not the Fauxmanda we’ve been seeing lately, but like, throwback Fauxmanda who used to kill people when she, like, couldn’t really figure out what they were up to. Lmao! We need her back! And I think she may be on her way. When she met up with that dude and was all like, How much for the 9 millimeter? I was like YES! Thank you! I mean, yeah, killing is wrong or whatever… But someone needs to take these guys out! And I knew it was coming when she threw that dollar bill (the one the brothers “offered” them in exchange for the bar) back at Nate (or Kenny, you know… one of those losers). I was like, okay. Yes. Fauxmanda may be ready to bring her gangsta back!

2. Ashley Smashley’s Back?!

I know, I know. Not everyone was waiting for Smashley’s return, but I really like this actress and I feel like she could have some cool storylines, if they’d let her. When she rolled up and asked for her old job back I was kind of excited because we know this chic is one sneaky, little opportunist and she can definitely stir up some ish. She started whispering sweet politically-motivated nothings in Conrad’s ear and I knew it was gonna be on and poppin.’ Now that he’s involved with Jack’s situation (having gotten him out of jail… for now), I think things could get pretty interesting because we KNOW he didn’t do that favor for free.

3. Oh Crap, Helen Crowley Is Smarter Than We Think

Okay, so while I take issue with Helen Crowley and The Initiative, and blowing people up and stuff… I was kinda impressed with Helen in this episode. When she showed up at that charity auction, it hadn’t occurred to me that she knew that ‘Emily’ and Aiden were working together. Now what’s interesting is that, after they (‘Emily,’ Nolan, and Aiden) staged that attack, she claimed to know who was behind it. I wonder if she suspects them, or if she thinks it was the Graysons. Not for nothin’, but she looked okay at that auction too, lmao! What’s good, Helen?!

4. The Best Laid Plans Of Fauxmancing Often Go Awry

Oh boy. So I really liked that, as ‘Emily’ narrated parts of this episode, she spoke about how easily plans can fall apart because there’s always a weak spot. It’s hard to tell, but sometimes I think Daniel really is her weak spot. I think she lurves her some Aiden, but she def didn’t have any problems (like I said last week) pretending to fake-up with Aiden so she could start a fauxmance with Daniel. But hella awkwardness ensued when ‘Emily’ showed up at Grayson Global. Poor Daniel, lmao! He totally thought they were back together, like, headed back down the altar and everything. But not so much. ‘Emily’ is kinda putting the breaks on what they’re doing, but I also feel like she secretly wishes they could, in fact, give it another go. And when Aiden showed up at the end of the episode and interrupted their date, I’m pretty sure he was trying to confirm his suspicions about ‘Emily’ still having feelings for him. So yeah. This is getting really awkward really fast.


OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Okay, shouts-out to allll you PITNBRS that called this one back when we first met the gorgeous lady in green. Padma Is Bad!!!! Baaaaadddddd!!! Like, Initiative bad!!! I was so excited for her return and she looked so damn cute! Last week PITNBR nicole and I were about to cut Marco up for her, lol! But yeah, no. She’s bad. She got rid of Marco. And now she’s out to get our dear Nolan, and there’s no way for us to save him. All we can do is hope, pray, and lash out at Padma’s conniving, beautiful ass in the comments.

*Nolan’s best lines:
Fauxmance part deux.
It’s the ghosts that get you.

Okay, what’d you guys think of the episode? And WTF are we gonna do about Padma?!?!?!


  • nicole

    we all knew Padma was a shady lady. it was just a matter of time until be found out for sure. no i kind of regret saying last week for her to come put Marco in place lol. Poor Nolan, he just cant win.
    i do like that they’re finally making the bar storyline interesting. good to know there was a reason they kept that going..

    • Shannon

      nicole, ‘Poor Nolan, he just cant win,’ SERIOUSLY! I’m looking for the moment when he really has his day.

    • nicole

      i think by the end of the season, that day will be here. he has to be close to the breaking point. my gut tells me, if there is a season 3 (and really, why wouldn’t there be?), Nolan’s storyline will be him taking care of himself.

  • Joan

    I feel so vindicated by this episode regarding my character readings: turns out, Padma does sucks and Aiden is all team Ems! Enough said. I don’t really care about anything else. I’m happy with that. lol

    • Shannon

      Joan, it feels good to be right, huh? LOL, I sooo didn’t want Padma to suck but you’re right. She does!

  • Franki

    Well Revenge really nails “never trust a vagina”; oh Padma! I have to admit, it felt so GOOD to be right about that one! All I could see were her “bloody” footprints from before. But I agree with Nicole, he just can’t win. :(

    • Shannon

      Franki, OMG that’s right! I remember that scene where Padma cut her foot– such great foreshadowing on the part of the writers.

  • Kiki1976

    My humble opinion…

    I think it will be Conrad dead in the boat. Daniel is taking over the company now, the Initiative’s claws are pretty deep into him and I think Conrad’s purpose has been served. And since Sean McNamara is in the picture (Holla for nip/tuck!), Victoria may have a new Vader to do her bidding.

    I think Aiden will turn his back on Emily. I don’t think he will stab her in the back, I just think at some point finding his sister will be more important to him than keeping his alliance with Emily. Especially if he gets more and more jealous of Emily and Daniel. (By the way, I think Emily and Aiden have no chemistry. Emily and Daniel do.)

    At some point, Marco is gonna save our dear Nolan and prove himself, earn his trust back.

    • Joan

      Regarding Aiden, I love Emily, but she is one self-center avenger. She’s so focus on her own revenge that she often neglects to think about the people that surround her and constantly help her (e.g. Nolan, Fauxmanda, even Daniel). Same could happen with Aiden. Maybe it’s already happening…with the fakeup and such. I would understand if, at some point, Aiden has to pick between his sister and Emily’s plan, and chooses his sister. As I mention on last week’s post, I wouldn’t hold it against him because Emily would have probably done the same thing. These two work similarly.

      As for Daniel and Emily, their chemistry has always had some level of “fakemistry”, even on Season 1, and even if Emily actually fell for Daniel for second there back then. Maybe it also helps that Emily and Josh are actually dating in real life. Aiden and Ems go way back. They have a history that comes with ties that run deep, relationship stuff aside. We’ll see what weights more in the end!

    • Shannon

      Kiki1976, OMG I could not figure out where I knew that actor from– I only watched the first couple of seasons of Nip Tuck but yeah! Sean!

      Interesting theory about Conrad! I’d love to see them take out a main character– just not one of my faves, lol. I suppose I could do without Conrad. And it’d make for some really great Daddy issue for Daniel, although (as Devonte points out below), he’s already got plenty.

  • Natalea

    Yes, Fauxmanda, yes! No, Padma, no! But I definitely saw that one coming. Poor Nolan. :/

    And guys, the preview!!! Did you see the preview?!? Guns! Victoria’s the mark! Aiden working for Helen! Aiden pushing Emily! Emily sleeping with Daniel?! Say it ain’t so.

  • Shavonne

    I would love to see Nolan actually coming out a step ahead of Padma. I mean, we’ve seen how bad ass he can be, and he’s got access to all the sneaky gadgets. I don’t want his storyline to come down to Marco, I can’t stand him!!

  • blaqfury

    I knew there was something about that Padma…ugh, now i’m totally irked by her! I started to think she was bad when Marco was genuinely pleading, “believe me”. he won my vote. ughhh Padma. Poor Nolan, can he ever catch a break. I think Padma got rid of Marco too early… she no longer has a fall guy.

    I’m still cheering for Emily & Daniel. So Aiden can kick rocks as far as I’m concerned.

    Glad gangsta Fauxmanda & her glock are back… we’ve missed you!

  • Devonte

    Yes, ma’am! I totally called Padma being sneaky back then too! But it was totally solidified when Marco and Nolan had that little spat, it was clear foreshadowing to me. Now, as Computer Engineer major, my mind goes so many places as to what this software is but if the Initiative with their seemingly endless resources want it, this it has to be a BAMF. I’m talking 1999 Napster BAMF! I’m talking Myspace pre-surveys BAMF! Kid Pix on a Macintosh in 3rd grade BAMF!…also…I really just can’t stand how good Daniel looks, even if is exuding Daddy issues out the arse. I’m a poster boy for daddy issues so I knows hoe ugly it can get and he is clearly headed that path and will def step in it latter, but man…those big brown eyes…whet….and I’m done.

    • Devonte

      Omg, “hoe” ugly was a totally typo and since I’m not sure there is such a thing as a Freudian typo, let’s leave it at just a typo…Not all daddy issues end up with people being hoes…just clinging to the edges of what ever someone defines love as which may include casual sex with a seemingly large number of partners…

      …I don’t even know what just happened there…i

  • Becca

    It seems obvious why Vicky wants that shady buisinessman in the game. She’s baiting him. She wants HIM to take over the Stonehaven company BEFORE Daniel does. That way – Daniel isn’t aiding The Initiative or gaining from their actions, some other insignificant douche is. And if loosing Stonehaven is a big enough screw-up on Daniels part in The Initiatives eyes they might find a new partner in the insignificant, douchy buisinessman and pass Daniel over…
    As usual – Vicky’s got her own elaborate, slightly psycho ways of protecting her kids… :P

  • Joan

    “Now what’s interesting is that, after they (‘Emily,’ Nolan, and Aiden) staged that attack, she (Initiative Helen) claimed to know who was behind it.” O-M-G. I just re-watched the episode. Em’s “infinity times infinity” tattoo! That might have the flaw in the plan. If Helen recognized it, she might know. Scary thought, dear lord…

  • naomi black

    I TOLD YOU PADMA WAS BAD…. she was just too innocent for this show…. where everybody’s a little bit shady, & it turns out she’s MAJORLY shady…. & I LOVE IT!! I don’t know why, but Nolan was gettin’ on my nerves for most of the episode, until he mentioned Aiden all gussied up like 007… again, that made me laugh!! I too loved Fauxmanda & Smashly’s return as well… overall GREAT show!!! ;0)