Watch: The ‘Girls Against Boys’ Trailer Is Pretty Intense


Usually, I’m not one for slasher films, but Girls Against Boys has a sort of Monster/Fatal Attraction feel to it so I’m kind of interested in checking it out. Danielle Panabaker and Nicole LaLiberte star in the upcoming film about a couple of gals who don’t get mad; they get even. And kill dudes sometime! Like I said– based on the trailer– this doesn’t really look like my type of flick, but the performances look good. Plus I’m getting some pretty sweet ideas for new lingerie from these ladies, lol… Peep the trailer for more! Are you into it?


  • Matthew

    LOL. Shannon, you are so wrong. Women I tell ya…

    Men getting sawed open and mutilated and shot and tortured…

    Shannon: “It’s not really my kind of film. But I got some lingerie ideas from that one scene where the guy was being beheaded. And I love those shoes!”

    Hey, at least you found the redeeming qualities…

    • Shannon

      Matthew, LMAO! Do NOT share that part of my post with The Feminist Club. They will revoke my card for sure. But it wouldn’t be the first time ;)

  • rOXy

    I can get into films with sick, twisted violence of any kind. There is already enough of the real stuff in the world. I always wonder about the effort it takes to get films like this into the theatres. Everyone from the writers, producers, directors, actors, to the audience has to be OK with this and that kind of mass blood thirst isn’t OK with me. I know it is only fictional, and that it is theatrical, but it had to exist in people’s head in order for it to exist, ya know?

    • rOXy


  • Jennifer Wilson

    this seems more like the torture porn genre, so not my thing.

  • Ariel Echeverria

    this reminds me of an old french movie called “baise-moi”