Tonight’s Episode Of ‘Revenge’ Will Lead To The Season’s Biggest Tragedy


Ever since the second season of Revenge started we’ve all been wondering about who’s at the bottom of the Amanda AKA who dies! Last week we got our first new episode of 2013 and it feels like Revenge is really starting to pick up again, on some Season One ish, lol. I’m really excited for tonight’s episode (and for the Golden Globes!) so I went over to TVLine to see if I could get some deets. Click inside to see what Revenge creator Mike Kelley has to say about tonight’s episode!

Mike Kelley for TVLine:

After just one week back on the air, ABC’s Revengeis preparing to hit fans with a few tragic departures, some romantic kerfuffles and a return to ruthlessness for one individual.

Here, Revenge creator Mike Kelley details all of that and more — including what to expect on the rocky road to a midseason spectacle that finds The Amanda six feet under and why Emily and Aiden’s future will soon be called into question.

TRAGIC TAKEDOWN | Revenge‘s now-signature midseason climax is slated to take place in Episode 14 (the season’s 11th installment airs this Sunday), and Kelley assures us it will not disappoint. Leading up to the big event — which finds the Porters’ beloved boat sinking with one or more Hamptonites on board — “there are more weddings and more deaths,” he shares. And then, “There is a shake-up in the Hamptons and Emily’s world [will] be pretty rocked — as are the people who watch the show.” When asked how Season 2′s game-changer compares to last year’s “killer” Fire & Ice Ball, Kelley promises, “The emotional resonance of this particular tragedy is going to be a lot more powerful. This is as powerful emotionally as last year was shock-wise.”

You can read the full interview here. Mike goes on to talk about Aiden and ‘Emily’ (dubbed ‘Aidily’) and the return of the crazy-ass Fauxmanda we once knew and lurved. Apparently she may have to get back on her ill ish, and we can expect some serious betrayal in the coming episodes.

After last week’s madness, I’m definitely ready for more Revenge. See y’all tomorrow at the recap!


  • nicole

    a FEW tragic departures? ooooh boy, i knew things were about to get hectic.