Sources Say Destiny’s Child Will Definitely Reunite During The Super Bowl Halftime Show!


So the other day we got to hear a brand spankin’ new Destiny’s Child song, and it was kind of a HUGE deal! Trent damn near lost his mind over the new track (titled Nuclear), and I’ve started listening to some throwback songs just to mentally prepare myself for the rumored Super Bowl reunion. And by ‘listening to some throwback songs’ I mean ‘listening to Cater 2 U on repeat.’ We haven’t heard from the girls yet, or a representative, but hella sources are saying that the reunion is definitely going down! Click inside to learn more!

MTV has the report:

There’s only one direction for the February 3 Super Bowl
 to go: bigger. And apparently, that’s just what it got.

You already knew that Beyoncé was going to rip it up
 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans during the halftime show. And that she’s launched a contest inviting fans to get in on the action during the on-air introduction before the show.

But now, on the heels of Thursday’s announcement that Destiny’s Child will drop the compilation album Love Songs
 on January 29 — including the newly recorded track “Nuclear” — Us Magazine has reported that DC will reunite onstage during the festivities.

According to the report, multiple sources close to the group said that Beyoncé will be joined on stage by DC mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams during halftime for a medley of the group’s hits that will culminate with “Nuclear.”

The sources said Bey will open the show solo, then be joined by Williams and Rowland midway through for a run through their stellar catalog and the first new tune from them in more than eight years. If the reports are accurate, it will be their first live performance as a group since a farewell gig at the 2006 NBA All-Star game.

The extravaganza will reportedly end with Beyoncé solo again for a finale that will include the as-yet-unannounced first single from her upcoming fifth solo album.

A spokesperson for DC could not be reached for confirmation of the halftime reunion gig at press time.

So yeah. Basically. Expect everyone and their Mama, and their Grandmama to be watching the Super Bowl this year, lol. I can’t wait!!! And I can’t stop listening to Cater 2 U! Someone help me! No, just kidding. Don’t help me, I’m fine. The repeat button remains in place.



  • LiQue

    Nice, I love DC’s version of Emotions.

  • Erica Croce

    I know exactly how to get you out of that Cater 2 U rut: Emotions (Neptunes Remix).

    That is all.

    • Shannon

      Erica Croce! Always hittin’ me off with the remixes, lmao! I thought of you the other day; VH1 was showing DMX’s ‘Behind The Music.’ Sigh…

    • Erica Croce

      I love a good remix, an interesting cover, or a well-done mash-up. And the Emotions remix is perfect: nothing was changed with the vocals or tempo of the song. It’s just a heavier bass in the background that gives some real depth to the song. It’s been a favorite for years.

      I’ve never seen the DMX Behind the Music! I missed it…what am I doing with my life…?

  • Dezden


  • nicole

    they need to do ‘Lose My Breath’ its one of their only songs with a superbowl feel. i was kind of hoping they wouldn’t touch that new song at the SB. IMO its weak and will end up ruining their set