Miranda Kerr Stuns In Dolce & Gabbana At A Pre-Golden Globes Party

Want, Want, Want!

Miranda Kerr was just casually walking out of W Magazine’s pre-Golden Globes party when she completely changed my life… for, like, the eighth time. WHAT is this dress?! Oh! Oh, it’s Dolce & Gabbana. Okay, well it all makes sense now. LOL.  The Australian model was all smiles (as she is wont to be) as she strutted her stuff (in a pair of shoes that I need, now please) outta the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. Peep the gallery for more, and remember. Envy is a deadly sin! But imitation is a form of praise, so I’m gonna go spend some time in front of a mirror, where I’ll keep smiling until I grow dimples.

You can grow them, right?

[Photo Credit: Splash News/Getty Images]

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  1. Amanda

    Ms. Kerr, come sit by me and tell me al your secrets.

    This woman is unreal. That dress is unreal.

  2. I am slack-jawed and drooling. She is a VISION.

  3. ceebee

    Miranda is so fabulous – I don’t quite understand the hate she tends to receive. It is nothing but envy from me, stunning, successful, fit, healthy, gorgeous hubby and bub… I’m going to go and cry for a little while haha

  4. Commented on this photo:

    Look at the reflection of her arm on the back of that dress! It’s so damn pretty! Not totally sold on the cream colored lace, but this girl would look amazing in a freaking potato-sack..She’s so fun to look at!

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