‘I Am Slack-Jawed And Drooling’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


Y’all. I know I say this every week… but this was was IN-to-the-SANE! Like, I lit’rally had to e-mail Trent about how ridiculously cray-cray things were getting. We had sooo many amazing new music stories (Justin Timberlake, Outkast, Destiny’s Child), Beyoncé‘s GQ photo shoot had everyone losing their minds, and we mourned the loss of Britwick. As usual, I had a total blast reading everyone’s thoughts on all the celebrity drama of the week, so I picked out just a few of the comments from you amazing PITNBRS. Click inside for more!

Before I get to the comments, I wanna give a major shouts-out to PITNBR blaqfury! She’s just getting back to us after a really bad car accident so we need to send her lots of good thoughts and well wishes :)

PITNBR rOXy is, well, one of my favorites. I know, I know! I’m not supposed to have favorites! But when I first started writing for Pink this girl held me down soooo hardcore, it was amazing! Her comments have always been special to me and today she echoed my thoughts when we saw those pics of Miranda Kerr in that sick Dolce & Gabbana dress:

I am slack-jawed and drooling. She is a VISION.

PITNBR Amanda was equally stunned by that particular photo gallery:

Ms. Kerr, come sit by me and tell me all your secrets.

This woman is unreal. That dress is unreal.

PITNBR jen weighed in as we celebrated Willy Cartier’s achievements in HOTNESS. Most of us think Frank Ocean’s rumored boyfriend is pretty sexy, but jen made another excellent point about the French model:

Not gonna lie, in some of those pics he is kinda sporting the “cholo jesus’ look

PITNBR apriljan had some thoughts on the leaked GQ cover of Beyoncé:

A couple things:

1) Raises the question if she did, in fact, have Blue Ivy. She looks so good and I’m jelly. Therefore, I’m here to stir things up.
2) Are those zippers on her bikini bottoms? If so, WHAT CAN YOU STORE IN THOSE?!

PITNBR ClaireMichelle was one of many readers to share thoughts on the rest of that insane Beyoncé photo shoot. Not everyone was pleased that Queen Bey seemed to have gone the way of Badgal Riri, but some of us were just in awe:

BRB – just crying because I will never be as bootylicious as her.

PITNBR Jennifer had me cracking UP with this very detailed account of her experience in Beyoncé GQ-ism. She argued that Bey’s thighs may not, in fact, have been photo shopped, and her closing words kept echoing in my mind (I’m just saying stick your chest out, your butt back and your thighs may not touch either):

So, I won’t lie. I just stripped down and made this pose to see if my thighs touch. I’d say I have a body type like hers. Smaller waist, thicker thighs, quite the booty. I’d also say I’m likely less fit than her and my thighs aren’t as tight as hers. BUT when I make the pose, with my hips leaned back and butt out, my thighs don’t touch. When I’m standing up straight, they touch. I think it’s the pose she’s doing that make her thighs not touch. Get naked and go try it. I don’t doubt it’s photoshopped… I’m just saying stick your chest out, your butt back and your thighs may not touch either.

PITNBR Wynter was one of many readers very much in support of Justin Timberlake’s forthcoming return to music:

Yes! Sorry, Bieber, big brother is coming home.

PITNBR Donny, like a lot of you, had some thoughts on Lady Gaga’s controversial open letter to Kelly Osbourne:

I agree that Gaga’s letter came off as self-righteous and insincere. There’s nothing wrong with Fashion Police and clearly Gaga takes it way too seriously. Let’s not forget these stars are parading down a red carpet to show off and have their picture taken in gowns that cost thousands of dollars. Critiquing their fashion choices is harmless and it’s not bullying on any level.

Gaga referred to celebrities as “zoo animals” as if that’s not true. They ARE zoo animals. You can look but don’t get too close and don’t touch.

She wants Kelly to have compassion but where is hers since she wears fur? I guess compassion has limits and boundaries that she defines for herself. Well, guess what? Kelly’s allowed to define hers as well.

PITNBR Joan also made a great point about the Kelly Osbourne V. Lady Gaga V. Sharon Osbourne beef:

I can’t help it. I love Sharon O because, no matter how delusional she is at times (she’s lives in her own celebrity bubble as well), she is THE TRUTH. She will tell you exactly what she think and make no apologies for it. I mean, this whole thing about celebrities putting other celebrities in place is hilarious to me. FYI: YOU ARE ALL CRAZY. lol

PITNBR Ella is always down to engage in a little hip-hop theory with me. I really appreciated her thoughts on Kendrick Lamar’s new video, which I was initially hesitant about sharing:

Yeah, I felt a lot of things about this too. On one hand I get that people are disappointed that Kendrick released this because it’s more “stereotypical.” A big part of the reason that I love Kendrick is that he’s NOT like that. But on the other hand… have you HEARD this track? It’s dope and Kendrick’s flow on it is INCREDIBLE.

And it’s true, you can’t put Kendrick in a box, and he’s not gonna disown parts of himself or his story just because they’re not in line with a certain image.

So then I started watching this video, and was really into it. And then Sherane appeared. And I definitely had that excited moment… so THAT’S the famous “Sherane”!! But then that scene kept going on and I was like… Kendrick… come on. I thought you were different, so why are you using a woman like this?

But then I looked at Kendrick who is just standing there, a bit away from Sherane, just staring at the camera. And I thought… you know what? This IS a bit different. Why is he looking at the camera like that? That’s not how rappers usually play it when there’s a woman like Sherane dancing in their videos… they’re either not in the shot or they’re standing right next to her, interacting with her in some way. Kendrick is creating a different dynamic.

And it kinda reminds me of the juxtaposition in the lyrics of the song. The song says things like “damn I got bitches, wifey girlfriend and mistresses” and “I wish my dick get big as the Eiffel Tower, so I could f*ck the world for 72 hours,” but at the beginning and the end of the song he says “Martin had a dream, Kendrick have a dream!” And the stark contrast between Martin’s dream and the dream Kendrick is talking about in this song makes me think that this song is NOT adult Kendrick’s dream, and he’s forcing us to hear those juvenile sentiments in a completely different light just by slightly changing the dynamic when he brings Martin into it.

So is that what he’s doing in the scene with Sherane? I don’t know. I’m not sure what statement (if any) he’s trying to make, but he definitely made me think about it differently.

Or I could be over-thinking it ;)

PITNBR RonRontb22 really got us all through the devastating DUNZO post on Britney Spears and Jason Trawick:

The end of any relationship is always sad, however, I feel as though Jason served his part in her life. He was a consistent positive influence for Britney through her dark hours and growth. And I feels as though they both have learned a great deal about themselves, and have become better individuals because of their time together. But sometimes throughout that process the two people grow to be better versions of themselves, but those new versions are no longer compatible. Britney will be just fine.

Like I always say, these are just a few of the many, many amazing comments I picked out. Much lurve to all of y’all!

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