Jennifer Lawrence Is Gorgeous At The 2013 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

Prabal Gurung Never Looked So Good

Yesterday we got a look at some of the amazing fashion statements made all over the People’s Choice Awards, and awards season continues to bring us the good stuff. Jennifer Lawrence attended the 2013 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards in Santa Monica, California and looked– surprise, surprise– all kinds of sexy, bad-ass, amazing. Although the Fashion Critic over at RCFA is kinda over J-Law doing the all-black everything look I really love this Prabal Gurung gown. Plus I’m pretty sure that Jennifer can do no wrong, so yeah! She’s werkin’ this dress like cray, IMO. Peep the gallery for more! You likey?

[Photo Credit: Getty/Splash/Wenn] [Source]

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  1. I am loving this look so much. She looks amazing! And she wore some color to some events yesterday! and my fave look

    Okay, I love her and she can do no wrong, really.

    • Whoa. Did not know those would post as actual pictures! I was thinking links! Sorry to take over this post, Shannon!!

    • ClaireMichelle, Never apologize for posting pics of J-Law. NEVER! I saw that first one you posted. It’s also Prabal Gurung and I went to write a new post with those images but we started running into a little problem with our galleries. But yes, I love it and yes, she can do no wrong.

  2. love that dress. i want it.

  3. That dress is something. Completely my style. Can someone buy it for me, please? Anyone? *awkward silence*

  4. somuchcloser
    Commented on this photo:

    I love her simple up-do. I dunno, the black is working for me. She looks tough, strong, and hot.

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