First Listen: Outkast Reunites On Frank Ocean’s ‘Pink Matter’ Remix


2013 may be the year of BEEF, but we’ve also decreed it the year of awesomeness in music. Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot, Timbaland, Destiny’s Child, and Beyoncé all have new music in the works which means it’s about to go doooowwwwn. Oh, and my boy A$AP Rocky’s debut album drops next week sooo yeah! I’m pumped. A little while back Trent reported that everyone’s favorite ATLiens, Outkast, would be reuniting by way of a Frank Ocean track and it’s heeerrrrreeee! Pink Matter is a song off Frank Ocean’s Grammy-nominated debut album Channel Orange, and it originally featured Andre 3000. But Big Boi decided, after some deliberation, to come through and put some mo’ stank on it. I loved this song when I first heard it over the summer, and I love the remix. I mean, Lucious Left Foot really brought it, and I’m so glad he decided to jump on this. Check out the audio above for more!

Oh, and my only beef with the YouTube version is that it cuts off a tiny piece at the end that I like from the original track. You can listen to the full version here.


  • nicole

    yes! yes! yessss!

  • emily

    Shannon – watch Idlewild. It’s Andre 3000’s baby and it’s AMAZING. One of the movies I would take with me to a desert island, it’s that good. I told Trent to watch it too but I don’t know if he will listen. You must listen and you’ll thank me. You really will.
    The music, the costumes, the story, the acting, the filming … picture Andre’s musical creativity played out as visuals in a 2 hour movie. OMG, it’s amazing. Idlewild. You’re welcome.

    • Shannon

      emily, I saw you write that to Trent and I just told my sig other that you are like campaigning for everyone to see this movie, lol! I promise to watch it soon– I’ve only seen bits and pieces of it but I’ll check out the whole thing for YOU :)

  • Natalea

    This song is SICK! Can we please instigate a daily Frank Ocean-related post? Great? Great.