Beyoncé Shares A New Pic Of Blue Ivy, And No, You Can’t See Blue’s Face


By now, we all know what to expect from a new Blue Ivy pic, lol. Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s baby girl (who just celebrated her first birthday) probably has the cutest little pudge-face ever. Unfortunately, I am still unable to confirm or deny those suspicions, since we haven’t actually seen a 100% full-on, good quality picture of her face since, like, the month she was born. LOL… but it’s fine! And we’ll take what we can get, right? Click inside to see Mama Bey (who’s been crazy busy working on a new album, and being the sexiest woman of the 21st century) and Baby Blue kickin’ it at the beach.

Bey and Blue Have A Day At The Beach:

Pretty cute right? Beyoncé shared this one on her Tumblr… and we now know that those GQ abs were absolutely not photoshopped in, lol. Beyoncé looks amazing (duh) and Blue has the cutest lil’ neck ever! And she and my 2 year-old are currently wearing the same exact Huggies Slip-Ons! Not the same exact one. Gross. The same, you know, brand. Which means Beyoncé and I are finally aligned and I shall soon inherit the title Sexiest Blogger of the 21st Century, lmao! Get ready for my GQ spread– I’m gonna demand hella photoshop, y’all! Don’t hate!

Wow, I really found a way to make this picture about me, lmao. Hai Blue! See you soon…? I hope? A full-on facial? Pleeeaaasssseee? Gosh, she’s adorable.


  • Franki

    Ugh just show her little face already. I’m taking this as she looks EXACTLY like Jay Z and Beyonce aint havin that. Geesh.

  • Doreen B.Nelson

    yes she is just hottttt

  • Dooley

    If this baby was a Mini Beyonce we would have seen 100s of photos of her face.Hiding her like this makes people think she ashamed of her looks.

    • emily

      @Dooley, I never thought it meant she was ashamed of Ivy’s looks, I read it as B-Jay protecting their daughter. As she gets older, paps will be following her to school and on the playground. I thought B-Jay wanted Ivy to remain unrecognizable when she’s with nannies. Kind of like a less extreme version of Michael Jackson with masks for his kids. Since B-Jay are very private (we’ve still NEVER seen their wedding pics) it seems they’re naturally protecting their daughter.

    • blaqfury

      I totally agree with this… those were my thoughts exactly. We have yet to see a single wedding pic. All we have is a quick vid of Bey getting ready that she put in her own video – her own terms. I feel like BIC is the same way. It will be on their terms, but she’s a new mom and wants to dote on her child, as most mothers do, so hence the vague snapshots that we’ve received.

      i believe when Trent posted that Bey was pregnant, I said we weren’t gonna see that child til she was school age… I may have been right…lol

  • JCZ

    Altho I dislike the couple, I think they are very private, hence why they avoid directly putting her in the spotlight. Although if they really felt that way, they shouldn’t even be parading around these pics or release a song with her & all that. I know parents love to show off their babies, but it seems very back and forth with them.

    Then again I would never be surprised if it’s revealed it’s not her kid. They love their fame/power/money too much to let an affair come to light, especially one that conceives a child.

    I just think we all need to understand that celebrity world is very different to ours. Musicians, more so than actors, need to stay relevant even when they’re not working, they can’t afford not to. Something like this brings up topics of Bey’s body, the child and the face-less child/conspiracy theories. I just think Bey should admit, whether pregs or not, she was exaggerating her bump in that interview.