Watch: Jack Kerouac’s ‘Big Sur’ Has Been Adapted For The Big Screen


Towards the end of 2012, many folks saw¬†Jack Kerouac’s writing come to the big screen via On The Road. The film received good reviews (including one from Trent) and soon we’ll be seeing more of Kerouac’s work translated into film. Another classic novel of his, Big Sur, has been adapted and the trailer was just released. Michael Polish (The Astronaut Farmer) is directing, and Kate Bosworth and Jean-Marc Barr play the leads. I think the trailer has a good feel to it and I’m looking forward to seeing more (although I’m not familiar with the text). What do you guys think?

  • emily

    Big Sur is brilliant, and I hope they do it justice.
    As long as KStew is out, I’m in.

  • YoursTruly

    ~This movie will be HUGE for three reasons: 1) That trailer! 2) ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’, the first song in the trailer, was released in 1934 and is still one of sweetest love songs ever! 3) ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’ was the title of an episode of Buffy the Vampire slayer and the song is played throughout the episode! (Remember the one with the ghosts at the Sadie Hawkins dance and then Buffy and Angel get possessed???!!!).

    • Shannon

      YoursTruly, Thank you for this!!! OF COURSE I remember the Sadie Hawkins episode. It’s one of my faves of all times and I ALWAYS think of it when I hear this amazing song.

      “Don’t walk away from me, bitch!” LOL, yes. Yes to all that.