Mariah Carey’s Husband Nick Cannon Shares A Potty-Training Photo Of Little Moroccan


Sigh. I remember these days. The joy. The frustration. The time my son pooped directly on the bathroom floor when the potty was literally right next to him. LMAO! But Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon make it look like so much fun! Nick just shared a couple of photos of one half of Dem Babies AKA little Moroccan getting his potty-training on. It’s pretty adorable and it kinda makes you forget, if only for a moment, about how insanely difficult this period of time can really be, lol. Click inside for more!

Moroccan’s On His Big Boy Ish

Cute right? Nick shared that first one on his Instagram, writing ‘Roc really lookin like I am bothering him LOL.Moroccan’s only 20 months old, but it looks like he’s pretty comfy up there. Oh, and I love that they actually have a children’s toilet in their home. I can totally identify with that because I see those every day at my son’s school… LMAO! Nice!

Anyway, some folks on Celebrity Baby Scoop were shocked and awed that Nick would share such pictures, pointing out that when Roc gets older, he may not appreciate this kind of public sharing. Honestly? I don’t think it’s that bad, although I wouldn’t necessarily share something like this with all 300 of my Facebook friends, lol.

What do you guys think? Cute pics to share? Or cute pics to keep private?


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  • nicole

    his facial expression is great.. he just sitting there like ‘really dad..really?’.

  • Lauren xx

    It’s cute and all, but it’s really gonna suck for him when he’s 16 and his classmates can google his potty training photos. I get that Mimi and Nick are proud parents, but these kind of photos should stay in the family.

    • Ashley

      I completely agree with you and I was about to say the same thing. It’s going to very embarrassing for him when he is older. I blame Nick for this. I mean before Nick, Mariah was never like this

  • Julie

    Love ya, Shannon, but I must respectfully disagree here – not cute at all. Brutal. I can’t stand seeing these types of photos. As adults we have the ability to say “I hate that photo you posted of me, please take it down”. Kids cannot do this. Would you want a pic of yourself out on the internet for all to see of you doing your business? Likely not.

    • Shannon

      Julie, I hear ya. And like I said, I wouldn’t share a pic like this of my kids but I know some parents think it’s cute. And it is cute! But probably better in private.

      The difference between embarrassing adult photos and embarrassing children photos is the fact that EVERYTHING a kid does will look cute! Me, in this pose would not be cute, lol. But Moroccan looks adorable. Ultimately though, I do agree that this probably falls into the category of over-sharing, but there’s so much of that online (and a lot from parents) so I wouldn’t want to single Nick out.

  • rOXy

    HA! He certainly is a “big boy now”! Complete with book in hand!

  • shannon from MN

    Here’s how I regard posting these kinds of pictures: if I wouldn’t have wanted my parents to take pictures of me like this and share them, then I shouldn’t do it to my (future) children. This is oversharing, in my opinion. I highly recommend the blog STFU Parents for more stuff like this.