Here Are The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Scandal’: ‘One For The Dog’


Scandal is back which means normal life as we know it can resume! We had a blast recapping the first new episode of Revenge earlier this week and it’s time to revisit and re-lurve the insanity that was last night’s episode of Scandal. Pretty much everything that could have happened, happened so let’s recap this business!

When this episode started it suddenly occurred to me that I’d totally forgotten about how effing good this show is. I mean, there are sooo many characters that scare the ish out of me! What is that? Hollis, Cyrus, Mellie, Olivia when she gets on her ish sometimes! They are all frighteningly amazing human beings and my life is simply incomplete without their weekly presence. Sigh. It’s good to have these guys back!

We picked up pretty much where we left off. In the last episode Judge Verna snitched and Huck was taken under The Patriot Act. In this episode we got to know The Patriot Act, um, intimately. Or at least, our beloved Huck did. And it sucked. We also watched Olivia go through some serious drama with her new boo/old boo The Senator. There was ONE episode where I was kinda feeling the Senator (that popcorn and wine thing was pretty much the greatest), but ultimately I’m a Liv/Fitz kinda gal :)

One of the major plots of this episode came from my girl Mellie who lit’rally committed treason for her man, lol! I love this woman! And truthfully, I couldn’t tell if she did it for Fitz or for herself but she went above and beyond the call of duty with last night’s stunt. And I loved it! I mean, she shocked Olivia and Cyrus with that forgery; I don’t think anybody can out-gangsta her on this show. She reigns!

This episode also brought us more drama between Cyrus and his husband… and that scene with the James and the baby… OMG. We’ll get to it, lol. But I definitely cried so yeah. Awkward/Shannon, you can’t have another baby right now, no matter how amazing ‘Scandal’ made it look last night.

LMAO! So much other ish popped off so let’s get to it!

The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ABC’s Scandal
Season 2, Episode 10: One For The Dog

1. The Patriot Act Is The Worst

After the last episode, a few PITNBRS mentioned that Scandal can be difficult to watch because you soooo don’t want to believe that this is what goes down in American government. And yet, you kind of can’t believe that they would make allll this up. I for one absolutely believe this is how it goes down, lol! No, but seriously. I do. And I saw Zero Dark Thirty this week too, so I’m officially done watching CIA agents pour water down other people’s throats. At least I think I am. Anyway, we need to all get together and destroy EVERYONE who was responsible for what happened to our baby Huck! OMG, they f—-ed him up! But you know what was awesome? He never cracked! And I loved that moment when they showed his file to the Acting President and she basically had to give in and release him because there was nooo way she was gonna have her way with Huck (who never would have been caught assassinating the President to begin with). Because he’s a beast. And this better be the last time they mess with him! So glad the Gladiators had some Chinese food waiting for him when he got back. True love IS Chinese food y’all. For real.

Quote It: We’re not on American soil. This is not America. This is the Pentagon. (that horrible CIA guy who went off on David)

This is next level stuff. Grassy Knoll stuff. There’s a whole other layer of DC where real politics happen, where decisions are made. Not about democracy, not about the flag, but about power. (Harris, to the Gladiators)

2. Wait, No. Hollis Is The Worst

OMG. This guy! We now know that he hired Kate to kill the President. And oh, can we talk about how Killer Kate finally revealed her name to Huck?! Whatever, bitch! Too little, too late! Huck loooved you! ALL HE WANTED WAS YOUR NAME! And you killed his whole damn “family,” while he ended up knee-deep in The Patriot Act!!! Aghhh! Damn you, Killer Kate! Damn yoooouuuuuu!

Okay, back to Hollis and how he is the worst. Ever since we met him he’s been terrorizing everyone, blowing everyone up, framing everyone (i.e. Quinn), and basically scaring the ish out of me in every episode. I love it! And I love how we saw these scenes between him and Acting President, because (after the last episode) I thought she was the bad ass. And she is! But Hollis is just plain bad. Bad, bad, bad… and I can’t wait to see if he’ll eventually get his. In this episode we saw the rest of the Defiance group (headed by Judge Verna, who caught him getting his “PhoneGate” on, lol) teaming up with the Gladiators to find out what Hollis was up to. Loved those scenes, and love the idea of him being taken doooowwwwwn!

Quote It: Are y’all using enhanced interrogation techniques? (Hollis)
Yes, repeatedly. He’s not cracking. (Acting Pres)
Well maybe they need to… enhance the enhancements. (Hollis)

3. We’re Not Making Love No More/Olivia And The Senator Are Pretty Much DUNZO

Welp. It was bound to happen. And while I did like the idea of Senator Davis for a minute– and some of you mentioned that it was nice to see Olivia dating someone else, rather than pining over Pres– I didn’t really, realllly want this to last, lol. Plus, I think we knew it wasn’t gonna pan out with all the secret government ish that they both seem to have going on. Olivia calls it a ‘Chinese Wall,’ but really? What relationship could function like that? When Liv ran out of that house as soon as she heard that Fitz was awake (although he wasn’t) I knew they were headed for DUNZO. But methinks Senator Davis is still gonna have some questions for Liv about her relationship with the President, so there’s still plenty room for the awkward.

Quote It: We haven’t had sex in a week. (Senator to Olivia)
The President was shot!
What does that have to do with our love life?

4. When All Else Fails, Go Get Your Baby!

OMG. I can’t:


I’m done off:

Please, gods let them take this baby home!!!!!

5. Mellie Gets Sexist, And It’s Amazing

This was absolutely my favorite moment in the episode. I know a lot of other crazy ish happened, but when Mellie gave her speech about why she did the CRAY-est thing ever and forged the President’s letter for reinstatement, I just wanted to run down the street to the Nyack tattoo spot, and get every single word tatted on my body. I didn’t do that. Because I have enough tattoos that I got in that very same irrational and impulsive manner, lmao. So instead, we shall immortalize her totally sexist, totally amazing words here forever:

I did NOT sign this paper lightly. I did not sign this without using my head! I’m not some MAN reacting out of rage and then thinking later. I am a woman. So I thought about it. And I made my decision.

I mean, she said way more than that and it was all very sexy, but none of it as sexy as those opening lines. She reigns. Everyone bow down. Bow. Down.

And after that riveting speech– and that scene where Olivia climbs into the hospital bed with the President while he was still unconscious– I think Fitz haaaad to wake up. Like, had to.

The next episode is pretty much gonna be nuts, right?! Fitz is awake, but all jacked up. Senator Davis seems to maybe know that Liv got it on and poppin’ with the President. And since this episode ended with Quinn asking Olivia to finally, finally keep it real and start talking about what happened with Hollis and the bombing and everything, I think things are gonna get pretty intense!

How crazy was this episode?! Are you sooo happy to be back in the land of Scandal?! And how many of y’all went to see Kerry in her new movie Django Unchained?!?!


  • RonRontb22

    As an actor/writer I find the writing and acting in this show to always be nothing short of superb! Last night’s episode was no different!

    • Shannon

      RonRontb22, I know what you mean. Shonda Rhimes really is, IMO, a genius. What kind of writing do you do?

    • RonRontb22

      Shannon – She really is a genius! I write short stories and short scripts. Thanks for asking! :-)

    • Shannon

      RonRontb22, that’s awesome. Just got a book of short stories called ‘Rust and Bone’ (I’ve been obsessing over the new French movie based on it) and I’d forgotten how much I love a good short story. They’re really difficult to write, but so good to read! Good luck with everything :)

  • nicole

    ok…lemme tell you…i was ready to kick some CIA ass for Huck last night.

    • Shannon

      nicole, LMAO! I KNOW you were losing it! It’s okay though. I was literally eating Chinese food while writing this… all for the lurve of Huck :)

  • Liz

    omg when the acting pres (i cant remember her name, merediths mom from greys) confronted mellie about the reinstatment letter, mellie kept it together sooooo good. i thought for sure it was going to come out then

    • Shannon

      Liz, I can never remember her name either, lol. Just checked IMDB– it’s Sally. But I’m telling you, Mellie can do no wrong! I mean, she’s allll wrong, but she’s so good at it, lol!

  • blaqfury

    Another great episode… and OMG my poor Huck! I cringed during half his scenes, I can’t believe they showed the graphic scenes, but I can definitely appreciate the artistry of it all. Man it was intense…
    And Mellie… she made this deep scene stealing speech like she thought everything out about her plan, but then like mid epi, she was having a semi-breakdown for not thinking everything out…lol… but it was nice to see her vulnerable for a bit, when she realized it was a real possibility that Fitz may not wake up. It’s like she never considered that before. She showed that she really does love him…
    Hollis needs to be caught… I hope Olivia doesn’t peace out Quinn… i need those questions answered…lol!
    Lastly, the sweetest moments… Mr. Cyrus and the baby and Liv laying with Fitz… No words were needed for those scenes to have such an impact…
    Okay one more thing… the most memorable quote that I had from this epi, was Huck to Becky… “No 5, one for the dog” That made me cheer for Huck again!

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, how are you feeling? I saw your other comment about the accident– it’s good to have you back!

      Your are SO right about Mellie! In fact, I think right after she made that speech the Acting President called and she had NO clue what to do, lmao!

      And I loved finding out the meaning of the episode’s title ‘One for the dog.’ You’re right– classic moment right there :)

    • blaqfury

      I’m doing great! I’m getting stronger everyday and I’m just happy to be alive in 2013!
      I didn’t even know that was the title of the episode lol, it definitely just stood out as the best line of the night for me.

  • Aimee

    Okay, I started watching this a few weeks ago because of your recaps. I watched season 1 on netflix in one amazing marathon and then caught up on season 2. It was awful to watch poor Huck getting tortured. There’s something sort of smarmy about the Senator that never sat right with me, like there have been moments where it seemed like he felt entitled to Olivia and it squicked me out. I’m not sad to see him go, although it makes me sad to see her not have the love she wants. I loved this episode for exactly the bits you’ve highlighted. Mellie was fabulous. Cyrus, man, is he really a psychopath who puts on a normal skin to be able to live in the world? Because his evil side is crrrazy evil, but then he seems to genuinely love his husband? That cutie baby smiled at James!!

    • Shannon

      Aimee, yeahhh! We got you hooked, lol!

      I know what you mean about the Senator. Like I said, I’m not shedding any tears over their current DUNZO status.

      Cyrus is too scary. I think you describe him perfectly; you remind me of that episode where he was all fake-crying in front of James to manipulate him into doing something– it was insane. And then again, yeah. He does seem to love his hubbie, lol.

      So glad you’re watching with us! See you here next week :)

  • fab4runner

    Loooooved this episode! I was literally covering my face during the Huck scenes. Hated that so much! But I am so glad that he was released and they found stupid Becky/Kate/dumb c-word. Sorry! But she is!

    Super excited for this weeks episode. Yay Fitz! I am really glad they didn’t drag out the coma thing for too long. It’s definitely going to be interesting.

    • Shannon

      fab4runner, Huck’s torture was pretty cringe-worthy. I’m glad Kate got caught but I really wanted Huck to find true lurve, lol! He will never, ever, ever trust anyone again now. So messed up!

  • Lulu

    Did Hollis have that intern killed too? Or was that cyrus? I can’t remember. lol

    It was so awesome to see Huck take down Kate and just squash her emotionally when she told him her name. Woo! :)

    And give that man the baby already! ack. :)