First Listen: Destiny’s Child Is BACK With A New Song Titled ‘Nuclear’


Earlier we learned that Destiny’s Child is reuniting for a new compilation album that will include a new song titled Nuclear and right now we get to hear the song in FULL! OMG. D-Child IS BAAAACK and I’m DYYYYYING!!! The song is a mid-tempo jam … and it’s glorious. My guess is that we will get to hear Destiny’s Child perform the song LIVE in front of a LARGE audience soon … but … ENOUGH TALKING, CLICK BELOW AND HEAR THE SONG IN FULL!

OMG THEY’RE BACK! I really can’t contain myself right now. Back when it was announced that Beyoncé would be performing the half time show at Super Bowl XLVII, I guessed that she would perform with hubby Jay-Z and POSSIBLY Destiny’s Child … and then this new song comes out? Yeah, I’m sticking to my guns. What perfect way for D-Child to reunite LIVE than at the Super Bowl? Man, I hope we get more music from the ladies at some point. One song does not a proper reunion make. Squeee! I’m loving this jam, are you?


  • nicole

    to me…it sounds like a left over off Beyonce’s ‘4’ album.

  • Krissy

    I think “Lose My Breath” would be pretty great for the Super Bowl. Drumlines always work live on a football field. And the lines about “hit me hard, make me lose my breath” could REALLY apply to defense!

    • nicole

      totally agree – if the girls together for the superbowl…Lose My Breath is the ONLY song choice that will fit perfectly.

  • miguel

    These girls giving me Spice Girls tea with this ONE song…NO. I need a new album. NEW BEY + DC!!!

  • Dezden

    It’s good but nothing special to me… meh. :/ I still love them though!