First Listen: Destiny’s Child Is BACK With A New Song Titled ‘Nuclear’


Earlier we learned that Destiny’s Child is reuniting for a new compilation album that will include a new song titled Nuclear and right now we get to hear the song in FULL! OMG. D-Child IS BAAAACK and I’m DYYYYYING!!! The song is a mid-tempo jam … and it’s glorious. My guess is that we will get to hear Destiny’s Child perform the song LIVE in front of a LARGE audience soon … but … ENOUGH TALKING, CLICK BELOW AND HEAR THE SONG IN FULL!

OMG THEY’RE BACK! I really can’t contain myself right now. Back when it was announced that Beyoncé would be performing the half time show at Super Bowl XLVII, I guessed that she would perform with hubby Jay-Z and POSSIBLY Destiny’s Child … and then this new song comes out? Yeah, I’m sticking to my guns. What perfect way for D-Child to reunite LIVE than at the Super Bowl? Man, I hope we get more music from the ladies at some point. One song does not a proper reunion make. Squeee! I’m loving this jam, are you?


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  1. to me…it sounds like a left over off Beyonce’s ’4′ album.

  2. I think “Lose My Breath” would be pretty great for the Super Bowl. Drumlines always work live on a football field. And the lines about “hit me hard, make me lose my breath” could REALLY apply to defense!

  3. miguel

    These girls giving me Spice Girls tea with this ONE song…NO. I need a new album. NEW BEY + DC!!!

  4. It’s good but nothing special to me… meh. :/ I still love them though!

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