Destiny’s Child Has New Music Coming, And Beyoncé’s Got A Solo Album In The Works!


I don’t know what was going on yesterday, but allll kinds of cray occurred. Between the Oscar nominations, and all the new music announcements, 2013 is not playing around! Justin Timberlake announced that he’s back in the studio, and now we’re getting word that Destiny’s FRIGGEN Child has been back in the studio as well. And if that’s not enough there’s also a new Beyoncé/Hottest Woman Of The Century album on the way! Click inside to learn more!

Okay so the Destiny’s Child album is basically a compilation of their greatest lurve songs, but it also includes new music– the first in 8 years. On her official website, Beyoncé wrote ‘I AM SO PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE FIRST ORIGINAL DESTINY’S CHILD MUSIC IN EIGHT YEARS! – BEYONCÉ‘ And here’s the official announcement and tracklist (which includes a new jam titled Nuclear):

Music World Entertainment/Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings will release Destiny’s Child -Love Songs, a new career-spanning collection of the most sensual and romantic recordings from the best-selling vocal group, on Tuesday, January 29, 2013.

Comprised mainly of romantic gems recorded between 1997 and 2004, Love Songs features “Nuclear,” the first new Destiny’s Child recording since 2004. Produced by Pharrell Williams (who cowrote the track with DC’s Michelle Williams, James Fauntleroy and Lonny Bereal), “Nuclear” features vocal production by Beyoncé and Lonny Bereal…

Generally known for their dance floor pop and R&B anthems, Destiny’s Child demonstrate their equally compelling command of contemporary torch songs and ballads throughout Love Songs.

In addition to the new track, “Nuclear,” Love Songs balances romantic, passionate and sensual selections from 1998’s Destiny’s Child (“Killing Time,” “Second Nature”); 1999’s The Writing’s On The Wall (“Now That She’s Gone,” “If You Leave” featuring Next, “Temptation”); 2001’s Survivor (“Brown Eyes,” “Emotion”) and 2004’sDestiny Fulfilled (“Cater 2 U,” “If,” “T-Shirt,” “Love”). Added treats for fans include the Timbaland remix of “Say My Name” (originally released on 2002’s This Is The Remix) and Kelly Rowland’s “Heaven” (a key track from Simply Deep, her 2002 solo album).

Destiny’s Child – Love Songs
Track Listing

1) Cater 2 U (2004 – Destiny Fulfilled)
2) Killing Time (1998 – Destiny’s Child)
3) Second Nature (1998 – Destiny’s Child)
4) Heaven (2002 – Simply Deep)
5) Now That She’s Gone (1999 – The Writing’s On The Wall)
6) Brown Eyes (2001 – Survivor)
7) If (2004 – Destiny Fulfilled)
8) Emotion (2001 – Survivor)
9) If You Leave (featuring Next) (1999 – The Writing’s On The Wall)
10) T­-Shirt (2004 – Destiny Fulfilled)
11) Temptation (1999 – The Writing’s On The Wall)
12) Say My Name (Timbaland remix) (2002 – This Is The Remix)
13) Love (2004 – Destiny Fulfilled)
14) Nuclear (2013 – Destiny’s Child – Love Songs)

Love Songs will be released on January 29 but you can pre-order it here.

And here’s the news about Beyoncé‘s upcoming solo album:

As you might have deduced from the promotional blitz — Bowl halftime, HBO documentary, and that bonkers GQ cover — Beyoncé has a new album on the way. She’s been working with Pharrell, Timbaland, The-Dream, and, ahem, Justin Timberlake; the record could be out as soon as April.


Madness; total madness. I’m still stuck on that GQ shoot, so I’m really not able to process all this new info, lol. Are you guys excited to hear new music from Destiny’s Child and the Queen Bey herself? And for (maybe, possibly, hopefully) a reunion performance from DC at the Superbowl?!

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  • Isabelle

    That’s just one unreleased song right ? I was expecting a bit more.

  • Krissy

    Perhaps the girls will join her at the Super Bowl?

  • apriljan

    I’m still hoping that Kelly was just hanging out with The Dream as a collabo effort, and not a romantic one.