Britney Spears & Jason Trawick Are Reportedly Dunzo!


It is with the heaviest of hearts that I pass along this UNCONFIRMED report that Britney Spears and Jason Trawick are dunzo! For the past few months, I’ve been hearing whispers that Britwick were breaking up but to be honest, I didn’t want to believe them … at all. I chose not to give credence to those rumors out of the hope that they were just made up lies. This new report comes from TMZ and, on the real, they tend to get this sort of thing right more times than they get them wrong. I’m not sure my frail little heart wants to believe this news but … it’s out there. Click below to read the deets from TMZ and see what you think. Could our dear Britwick really be dunzo?

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick have broken up … TMZ has learned. The couple got engaged back in 2011. Trawick started out as Britney’s agent, the duo started dating and he eventually became her co-conservator along with her dad, Jamie Spears. Multiple sources connected to the couple tell TMZ ….. Jason didn’t want to make the announcement until he was taken off the conservatorship. Interestingly, lawyers for the conservatorship are in court right now, along with Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, so it’s possible Jason will be removed today. Sources say it was a “friendly breakup” and Britney and Jason will remain friends. As for why they split, we’re told they just “grew apart.” The timing’s pretty interesting considering Brit recently changed agencies, heading to CAA … an indication Trawick was no longer involved in managing her career.

See, I thought the news that Britney joined CAA might be harbinger of doom for the couple … that’s really the main reason I think TMZ is right with this report. It remains to be seen if/when Team Britney will comment and confirm/deny this report but I’m really afraid the portens don’t look too good for Britwick. I REALLY hope the split was amicable, as this report maintains, ‘cuz I’ll be really upset if not. UGH! I can’t even take this right now. I’m gonna go cry into my In The Zone Tour pillowcase right now. Sigh.

UPDATE: People is also reporting the end of Britwick as well … now I’m going to go drown myself in a vat of ice cream :(


  • Joanna

    This news, if it is true, is really sad :( They were really fantastic together and Jason seemed to really care for both Britney and her sons. I should have known things weren’t going well for the two of them when in an interview recently Britney was asked where in the process she was in planning her wedding and she said the very very beginning but was kind of cryptic about what she had and had not done yet. I do wish both of them well, however, and I hope they find happiness at some point. It’s just sad that they couldn’t make things work.

    • Joanna

      People is also reporting that Jason has asked for and been granted a removal from the documents that say he’s Britney’s co-conservator a long with her father. This is all just really sad :(

  • Shannon

    Trent, NOOOooooooOOOOoooooOOOOOOooooooooooooo!

  • Nikki

    My fragile heart cannot handle this.
    I really thought they were a good couple, but yeah the move to CAA was a indication to me that things weren’t great.

  • Lulu

    What? no.. :(

  • sfmom


  • Kim

    NOOO!!! they seemed so happy together! I really do hope it was amicable and that all of them are doing ok (her boys included). BLAH.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Nooooooo!! Oh my god. I have been avoiding these rumors like the plague. Ugh. I am genuinely so upset about this. I just hope it really is a friendly break up and the Britney and her boys are doing okay! :( My heart!!!

  • MichaelJ


  • apriljan

    My heart just fell to my stomach. What the hell, Britwick?! I’m so upset right now, I can’t even.

  • tessa

    @trent looks like brit has confirmed it to people :(

  • RonRontb22

    The end of any relationship is always sad, however, I feel as though Jason served his part in her life. He was a consistent positive influence for Britney through her dark hours and growth. And I feels as though they both have learned a great deal about themselves, and have become better individuals because of their time together. But sometimes throughout that process the two people grow to be better versions of themselves, but those new versions are no longer compatible. Britney will be just fine.

  • Joan

    Oh woah, I’m surprised and a little sad because I thought they were great together, and he brought great things to her life. :(

  • Jax Medina

    Oh poop! This makes me sad. I felt like he was her knight in shining armor. :(

  • Amanda

    Ugh, I cannot with this today. :( :(

    I thought he was so good for her and that they would make it last. I’m just so sad and I know I shouldn’t be because it all sounds mutual and amicable and their statements to People seem good-natured and sweet. I just hope this year will see Britney succeeding musically, if not romantically. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise and what she needs to grow independently.

  • Ruby

    I think it’s fine, he was there when she needed him and they’re obviously not meant to be forever. People come into our lives sometimes for only short amounts of time but that doesn’t make it any less important. Hopefully they’ll both move on happily.

  • Melissa

    I wonder if this has anything to do with her leaving XFactor. I went to a taping in Greensboro, NC and he was never far from her. Perhaps her Dad wasn’t comfortable with anyone else to be in that role. Hmmmm…just musings on my part.

    • superjosh

      I really don’t think she ever had the intention of doing more than one year so all this “she quit before they could fire her” news/gossip is just the media trying to turn it into a bigger story.

      But really sad about the breakup :'(

      Hopefully it is for the best and Brit comes out of it in a positive way.

  • Lauren xx

    I don’t know how to word this properly, but Jason helping her through her dark times probably put a HUGE amount of pressure on the relationship. Britney needs to be able to be okay with herself completely before committing to a lifetime with someone. Jason can’t feel like he has to be the person to take care of her mental health for a lifetime.

    Of course, I don’t know the situation, but this is my guess. If it’s meant to be, they will get back together. I think it will be good for Brit to be single, adjust to being stable being single.

  • emily

    I’m not even a Britney fan (her music, blech, the nasal voice, but her as a person I feel real compassion for) … but from all Trent’s reporting I saw that they were a very loving, committed couple and Jason really seemed to be her rock. I hope she keeps moving forward in a positive way and the breakup doesn’t have any negative effects on her mental well being.

  • Leah

    This is very sad.