Britney Spears Issues A Statement Regarding Her Split From Jason Trawick


Mere moments after the world learned the sad news that Britney Spears and Jason Trawick called off their engagement and ended their relationship, our dear Britney issued a personal statement regarding the split (along with a statement from her rep and from Jason himself). Classy to a fault, Britney makes it clear that she and Jason will remain friends despite their dunzoness. BUT, now that Britney and Jason are no longer romantically involved, he is also no longer involved with her conservatorship … the Britwick split appears to be total. Click below to read Britney’s official statement about her break-up with Jason.

“Britney Spears and Jason Trawick have mutually agreed to end their one-year engagement,” her rep Jeff Raymond tells PEOPLE exclusively. “As two mature adults, they came to the difficult decision to go their separate ways while continuing to remain friends.” Spears and Trawick confirmed their parting in a statement her rep released:

“Jason and I have decided to call off our engagement,” Spears says in the statement. “I’ll always adore him and we will remain great friends.” Adds Trawick: “As this chapter ends for us a new one begins. I love and cherish her and her boys and we will be close forever.”

Aww … a joint statement does make it sound like the break-up was mutual. While one or the other had to make the decision to move forward with the split, I hope Britney isn’t too hurt by this break-up. And as for her conservatorship …

With their breakup comes the end of another kind of arrangement. Jason Trawick has resigned as Britney Spears’s conservator of her person, which once gave him the authority to make decisions about her general well-being, such as food, clothing, travel and medical care. “The court accepts the resignation [of Trawick],” L.A. Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz stated in court Friday. Goetz added that the singer’s father, Jamie Spears, “will remain as the sole conservator of her person.”

And there you have it. Just about a year after the couple got engaged, Britwick are now completely dunzo … sounds sadly familiar to me :( In any event, it’s a new year and it is my sincerest hope that both Britney and Jason can move forward happily and as healthily as possible (tho, my sincere hopes are more for Britney than for Jason … sorry dude).

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  • kendra

    Really sad news..I liked these two kids together..But it sounds like it’s amicable and, to be honest, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing Brit’s next hottie..After an appropriate amount of time, of course..These 2 were a hot couple but I think she can up the hotness next time around..

  • Brenna

    I’m really surprised by this!

  • al

    sad, but seems as if Britney is taking the wheels

    quitting x-factor, breaking up with her man…New Year, New Brit Brit love it

  • Iris B

    I’m wondering if that conversatorship is ever going to be over…will it end one day for her?

  • Vicky

    I thought they’d last, they seemed really happy, but that’s life. She’s doing really well in her professional life, so hopefully things continue on a great path for her.

  • Liz

    I wonder why Brit doesn’t try to end the conversation?

    • JCZ

      I think you meant conservatorship? But Seriously, no one will probably ever know. Even that doco couldn’t provide answers. But I just can’t understand it – they’re supposed to be for the mentally ill and unfit. And whilst we don’t know (or deserve to know) her medical condition – I just can’t understand how someone supposedly unfit, can release an album, film music videos, tour the globe, judge a live TV show, yet still bound by a conservatorship.

      If she wants someone looking out for her, hire her father as her accountant to manage her finances etc. She wouldn’t have to (or legally) pay him as much as he gets – I think that is VERY greedy of her family.

      Anyway, I know some will disagree, but I think her label take advantage of the conservatorship. I mean, does anyone truly believe after ITZ/Blackout, Brit would release Circus???!!! Whilst there are many reasons I want the conservatorship to end, one of them is her freedom artistically. I also think Brit’s lack of interest contributes to her minimal input – but I think her label feel they have more control cause I would assume, legally it would go through her father, than Britney. I would hope & like to see it end and Brit regaining some confidence in herself, knowing she is truly free again and put that energy back into her music & performing.

      Anyway, it’s sad this r.ship is ending. Jason seemed very mature and right for her. But like some are saying, he was probably that person that was only meant to be there to get her back on the right track. (And I also thought it was weird him being co-conservator and her fiance).

  • DJ

    Bummer indeed. But now it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.

    Trent, what do you think about the rumor that Brit is gonna do a Celine-esque Vegas show????

  • J.

    I’m really hoping this is just to throw off the paparazzi on their wedding D:

  • KT

    Tmz is reporting it’s over kids- Britney wanted more and Jason didn’t

  • Gndlng

    This is very sad. Im kinda surprised by this though. I thought they’re getting married after x factor. I hope that Britney can move on healthily. No more head shaving and the likes. She has been through so much. I’m not a very big fan but I respect her. I’ve watched Britney for the Record and that film gave me a whole new understanding for her.

    I’m wishing her all the best.

  • rOXy

    :( So Sad. They were a hot couple. Remember the video they did together? Just seemed like all kinds of right to me. January isn’t even half over yet and 2013 already has jagged edges. :(