Taylor Swift Is Gorgeous In Ralph Lauren At The 2013 People’s Choice Awards


Earlier today the 2013 Oscar nominations were announced and I was excited for a lot of reasons. Some of my favorite films and actors of the year were nominated, and… I cannot wait to see what everyone’s gonna wear! It’s Award season, bitches!!! And so far, the fashion does not disappoint. Taylor Swift hit the red carpet for the 2013 People’s Choice Awards (she ended up taking home the award for Favorite Country Artist) and she is werkin’ the hell outta this Ralph Lauren gown. Love the dress, love the plunging neckline, and love her updo! Peep the gallery for more!

[Photo Credit: Splash News] [Source]

  • Isabelle

    I don’t like her one bit, but I must admit she does look absolutely lovely.

  • emily

    Is this the first time we’ve seen her without bangs?!?! Me likey. Is this also the first time we’ve seen her boobs? If so, it’s working.
    I know stylists usually have this worked out before a red carpet event, but can’t help thinking there’s a part of Taylor who wanted to va-va-voom it up post breakup with the boy band dude. You know how it happens, you’re heart is broken but you know you’ll see your ex, so you vamp it up big time? Well done Ms. Swift. Well done. (slow hand clap)

    • Vicky

      It’s the first time we’re seeing her boobs, but half the men in Hollywood have already seen them I bet, lol.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I was hoping you would post about her look last night! I mean, holy smokes. I am obsessed. I really need somewhere to wear that dress (and to look like that in it). I loved everything too! Hair, makeup, those earrings! Yep. Taylor won best dressed last night for sure.

  • Joan

    Amazing look from head to toe….though I really don’t get why they keep giving her awards for country music. Being able to strum a guitar doesn’t make anyone “country”.

  • Krissy

    I hate to be a downer…
    But I think her make up is a bit harsh…and her chest looks very hard too. As in, unnaturally hard. Other pics make it pretty obvious someone has had surgery. Not judging, but it seems to be a little out of whack with her “brand”.

    • Lol

      Her boobs might be wide set. The skin get tense because she need to shove them closer together without showing nipple. And they are perky because… well, she’s in her 20’s but also tape can do that.

      And yes, she looks really good here. I didn’t like her at first and don’t listen to her music but I like her style.

    • Krissy

      If I had just seen the pictures from the front, I might agree with you. But having some experience with perky boobs (lol) and also experience with friends with implants…after seeing the pictures from the side I just don’t buy these are natural. Shots from the front look far more normal than the pictures (not featured here) of her turning to her right.

  • Vicky

    That’s just what it looks like to have nice perky boobs and not saggy ones, lol