A Whole ‘Nother ‘World’


By the time y’all are reading this, I’ll be flying somewhere over the US on my way to Orlando, FL for my weekend at the Walt Disney World Resort. As I mentioned before, I’ll be running in the WDW Half Marathon on Saturday and the 20th anniversary Marathon on Sunday — both in and around Walt Disney World. Now, before y’all think I’m crazy I have to tell you I’m not as crazy as you think. While I’ll be participating in both races, I’ll only be “seriously” running in one of them … otherwise my legs might fall off ;)

I signed up for both races last Fall because I thought I’d be up for the Goofy Challenge (running both races). My plan is to leisurely compete in the half marathon and then seriously attempt to excel in the full marathon. I’m not sure I’ll do very well in either race but it sounds like fun so I’m going to go for it. I haven’t been to WDW in many, many years so I’m excited just to be in the park. I’m not sure what my agenda will be once I get there, I only know I’ll be kinda bizzy :) I’ll try to blog as much as possible but rest assured, Shannon’s got things covered while I’m off running around WDW like a maniac :) Happy Thursday! I’ll be coming atcha from Florida from here on out.

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  • Monicaaa

    You have become quite the running fool Trent! I’m really impressed by your drive. Have a great time!


  • JeniLeeSK8

    Trent will you visit Universal and see Harry Potter? Its amazing

  • Dezden

    Omg… you are Goofy!!! ;) But in all seriousness… GOOD LUCK! You are a very ambitious man!

  • Trish

    I almost signed up for this race last spring! I have done a back to back race and it is fun but just remember to treat it as a fun challenge and not take it seriously. Plus you might want to take pictures with the characters.

  • HeatherLea1340

    My cousins are running there this weekend too! Have an amaaaazing time!

  • Bekah

    Good luck and have so much fun!

  • Gaby

    Hey Trent! I’m so excited you’re going to be in my city this weekend! We probably wouldn’t have that many people visiting Orlando if it weren’t for WDW, lol. But hey, I happen to work at Downtown Disney at a bowling alley/restaurant that opened up only 2 weeks ago called Splitsville and I’d be stoked if you could possibly stop by on Sunday or whichever day you’d still be in town. I’ve been a Pink reader for a while so it would really mean a lot. I really hope to see you! Good luck on your marathon!! :)