A New Photo Of 1 Year Old Blue Ivy Hits The Internets

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  1. Britney'sBitch

    not impressed, at all

  2. Matthew

    OMG. I had this nightmare yesterday where this evil looking baby with red demon eyes was hunting me in a strip mall.

    And then I see this image. And now that nightmare and the messiah are somehow linked in my head and I’m wondering why her face is always in the shadows and her true nature must be hidden from the rest of the world until the time is right.

  3. emily

    Forget the kid, look at that background! How can I holiday with B-Jay too? I pack light, they won’t even notice I’m there.

  4. Dooley

    I wonder why she’s hiding Blue Ivy face..Beyonce did make a big Pregnancy Reveal at the VMAs.

  5. why

    I dont think beyonce really had a baby

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