Newly Single Taylor Swift Steps Out Solo


Earlier this week we learned the not-so-shocking news that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have broken up and it looks like the split has stuck. After Haylor got themselves into a reported “huge row” while on vacation in the British Virgin Isles at the start of the year, the pair went their separate ways … Harry went back to his One Direction mates in the UK and Taylor went back home … alone. Yesterday, Taylor was spotted visiting a friend here in SoCal and as you can see, she went alone as a single lady.

She’s marching on! Following the end of a whirlwind romance with One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles that took her from New York City to northern England, the ski slopes of Utah and the British Virgin Isles, Taylor Swift stepped out alone in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The Grammy-winning singer, 23 – who just split with Styles, 18, and left the Caribbean solo – was photographed outside a friend’s home in the Brentwood area of L.A. … Despite appearances, a Swift source told PEOPLE of the romance, “No one is taking it seriously.” Maybe that’s why she’s still smiling.

While it may be gossipy fun to make more of break-ups like this, I’m sure it’s not very serious at all. Young’ns hook up and break up all the time, this kind of behavior is normal. Taylor tends to get a lot of attention whenever she breaks up with a guy and not all of that attention is positive. She’s a hugely successful young woman who should be free to date or not date whomever she likes, whenever she likes. Maybe she dumped Harry, maybe not … in the end, homegirl’s gonna take care of herself and carry on. Not a big deal, not at all.

[Photo credit: Fame; Source]

  • ClaireMichelle

    I love her clothes. All the time. No hate from me. If I had my pick of the Hollywood hotties I would be dating around too. I’m her age and I’m not dating the guy I’m gonna marry right now. Do your thang, TSwift!

  • nicole

    this picture seems appropriate..