‘GQ’ Magazine Officially Releases Their Beyoncé Coverphoto


Earlier today we got our first look at a leaked image of Beyoncé showin’ off some underboob on the cover of the upcoming new issue of GQ magazine. Because the photo spread far and wide across the Internets, GQ decided to go ahead and release the image themselves. Click below to see Beyoncé on the cover of GQ with her underboob proportionally in focus … as the photo editor itended

If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet in the last day, you have heard talk of Beyoncé being on our February 2013 cover. Well, the rumor is true, and here is your first official peek at her GQ debut. Oh, and mark your calendar for Tuesday, January 15—that’s the day we are putting up ALL our photos of Beyoncé, the first of our 100 Sexiest Women of the 21st Century. (You’re welcome.)

She looks great, I love the cover. Now … show us the insides, GQ!


  • Sandy!

    Holy photoshop, Batman! No wonder girls are starving themselves over a damn thigh gap. We ALL know Bey’s thighs touch and she’s still beautiful.
    Me no likey.

    • emily

      The first thing I thought when I saw this – leave the underboob to Rihanna. Bey is too classy for this. The 2nd thing I thought – her thighs touch in real life! Like a real woman’s should! Her curves are gorgeous and GQ is perpetuating a lie. Shame on GQ.

  • Linnea

    uhm.. Wel.. Sandy, i couldn’t agree more! It’s just wrong the hole photoshop thing.. everybody knows Knowles thighs touch each other..

  • Erika

    I think this is in poor taste for her being a new mother and all(and married)! What ever happened to being a role model?! (which I know she believes she is) I challenge female pop stars and celebrities in general, to focus on their talents not on their “assets” to self promote!

  • Brittany

    She looks great but I expect more from her. She’s always been classy even with her sexy looks over the years.

  • Ella

    @Erika- I understand where you’re coming from, but have to respectfully disagree on some points. I don’t think expressing the sexual side of yourself and wanting to feel sexual-by posing in a sexy photoshoot should be off the table simply because she is married and a mother. Beyonce is also one of, if not, the hardest working woman in her business. She didn’t get where she is today by sexualizing herself. We know she’s talented and if she wants to have a little fun by getting sexy for a men’s magazine I think she has earned the right.
    As far as being a role model is concerned, if Beyonce’s fan base was the same as Justin Bieber’s then yeah, I’d have a bit of a problem too. However, I’ve always looked at Beyonce as a powerful, capable woman and fans that know her probably feel the same way.
    I do think it’s a bummer they photoshopped her curves out.

  • Jennifer

    So, I won’t lie. I just stripped down and made this pose to see if my thighs touch. I’d say I have a body type like hers. Smaller waist, thicker thighs, quite the booty. I’d also say I’m likely less fit than her and my thighs aren’t as tight as hers. BUT when I make the pose, with my hips leaned back and butt out, my thighs don’t touch. When I’m standing up straight, they touch. I think it’s the pose she’s doing that make her thighs not touch. Get naked and go try it. I don’t doubt it’s photoshopped… I’m just saying stick your chest out, your butt back and your thighs may not touch either.

    • Krissy

      Exactly. Arching your back makes your hips rotate.