Britney Spears’s Manager Updates Us (A Bit) On Her New Album

"I know a lot of you are rabid for info ..."

Last week we learned that Britney Spears is working with Watch the Throne producer Hit-Boy on new music for her next album and today we get a bit more information about Britney‘s recent recording sessions. Adam Leber, one of Britney‘s managers (alongside Larry Rudolph), updated his official Twitter profile last night to give fans a few more deets about Britney‘s progress in the studio. Altho he doesn’t offer much new information, he does confirm that Britney is working with Hit-Boy and he reveals another producer that Britney is collaborating with :)

Ester Dean! She is an amazing producer … she wrote Super Bass for Nicki Minaj and has worked previously with Missy Misdemeanor Elliott … who, you may recall, says would LOVE to work with Britney on new music. OMG. I can’t … I just can’t let myself go there … not yet. Even tho this is a small update, it’s significant, I think. We are getting an early feel for how Britney‘s next album may turn out … are you not dying? OMG. Let’s hope these updates keep coming … yeah?


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  1. Ahhhhh. I can’t take this!! I need this new music! :)

  2. Joshua Waselynchuk

    I cant wait!!!!! This news is killing me! She needs to go on tour and do a meet and greet again I want to meet her so badly!!!

  3. I’ve worn out the collaboration already. Need moooooore!

  4. al

    with all the producers signing up is it safe to say Britney is going Urban, if so talk about irony…all the r&b artists are doing dance music and Britney who is known for pop/dance music goes r&b; and she will slay

  5. Tony

    Ester Dean is awesome! She also wrote 2 songs from Britney’s Femme Fatale album, “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” (feat. Sabi) (one of my fav’s from the album) and “Selfish” (another great song)! :)

  6. Yayayayayayayayyy!!!

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