Ryan Lochte Lands His Own Reality TV Show


Back in August we learned that Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was lookin’ to break into acting … then he scored a cameo on 90210. Shortly thereafter, Lochte started negotiations for his own reality TV show … today, we learn that E! gave him a show and will produce a 6 episode short run season of a series titled What Would Ryan Lochte Do? I suppose a Jeah! is in order.

E! has given Olympic swimming star Ryan Lochte his own reality show. The network ordered six episodes of What Would Ryan Lochte Do, which will take viewers “inside the unpredictable and offbeat life of the 2012 London Olympic Games’ breakout star.” The show will follow Lochte as he hunts for the “right gal” and continues his training regimen.
A sneak peek of the show was screened for reporters at E!’s TV critics press tour panel in Pasadena. Lochte came off more than a little dense. Sort of like a male Jessica Simpson (a swimbo?). “I don’t even know what is a douchebag,” said the swimmer, who’s been called America’s Sexiest Douchebag. “I don’t even know what it means.”


“How many people fall in love with the smartest guy in the class? They fall for the fastest swimmer,” E! President Suzanne Kolb told EW. The show represents a bit of a departure for E!, which typically has shows starring famous (or wannabe famous) females. Then again, Lochte has no shortage of female appeal. “He is an incredibly endearing personality who is sexy, entertaining and fun,” Kolb noted in a statement. “Watching this show, I believe people will fall into three categories: they want to be him, sleep with him or mother him.” E! promises the show, which debuts in April, will feature plenty of “Lochteisms,” such as his “Jeah” catchphrase and this quote: “I always pee in a pool. Doesn’t everyone?”

Um … this sounds terrible. Will I watch it? Hellz jeah! It’s about time TV gave us a dimwitted hot dude to make fun of/fawn over. While I may have a hard time overlooking Ryan’s lack of intelligence, I’m hoping he’ll more than make up for it in hunky mancandyness … I mean, right? It’s gotta have that element … right?!?!


  • nicole


  • Wynter

    “U can’t always walk a straight line, especially if the line is crooked” – Ryan Lochte

  • Vicky

    Is it just me or does he seem like a class A douche?

    • @Vicky — It’s not just you.

  • krib

    what a d-bag…ugh, I cant believe they are legitimizing him with a tv show

  • Ashley

    Ryan Lochte should only be seen and not heard. This show is so going to be like Honey boo boo and people are going to watch it to see what he says and make a fool of himself

  • KatieFeldmom

    Maybe it will be a silent show (a nod to The Artist) and all we’ll get to see is him. In his Speedo. Half-nekkid. Maybe he won’t open his mouth.

    • @KatieFeldmom — “… we’ll get to see is him. In his Speedo. Half-nekkid”

      Honestly, I can just mute the sound if we get any of this :D :D :D

    • KatieFeldmom

      Oh yes. The mute button. Why didn’t I think of that? I must have been distracted by the half-nekkid picture. Need more Speedo.